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Information About A Primer on Special Needs and the Law

A Primer on Special Needs and the Law is dedicated to providing timely and practical advice to individuals with disabilities and their families in Nova Scotia on numerous issues, including guardianship, human rights, special education and future planning for persons with disabilities.

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  • The Devil in the Details [NS Human Rights Decision]

    In my last two posts, we discussed the huge changes that are in the works for Nova Scotia’s Disability Support Program.Let’s see how quickly I can do a “quick” summary of the background. As if …Three individuals with intellectual disabilities were kept in a locked ward in the Nova Scotia Hospital … Read more »

  • The Continuing Saga of Human Rights in Nova Scotia

    In my last post, we discussed the (hopefully) upcoming changes to the Disability Support Program following the ruling of the NS Court of Appeal in the human rights case involving three residents of the NS Hospital.I gave some of the backstory and talked about the interim agreement reached between th … Read more »

  • URGENT: Disability Support Program

     Back in the mists of time, we briefly discussed a human rights complaint brought against the Province regarding the Disability Support Program.The case has had a very long and somewhat torturous* history (during which the provincial government repeatedly flipflopped on whether it would appeal any a … Read more »

  • Buried in Budget 2023 …

    Some quick snippets from Inclusion Canada concerning some positive signs from the most recent federal budget.Frist, the provision allowing certain family members to open a RDSP on behalf of an adult with an intellectual disability has been extended and expanded.Budget 2023 extends the “qualifying fa … Read more »

  • #Where's The Bill?

    Following up on my last update on the Canada Disability Benefit, I have some more news to share.According to Disability Without Poverty, during the Committee process a few positive changes have been adopted, includingindexing the benefit to inflation; a requirement that agreements with provinces and … Read more »