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"Hosted by National Self-Represented Litigants Project Director Julie Macfarlane and Project Coordinator Dayna Cornwall, our social justice podcast showcases visionaries, social justice warriors, and legal system “disrupters”; we ask about their motivations, and how their experiences have changed them – for better or for worse."

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  • All the World’s a Stage

    For our final episode of the season we’re taking a look at the ways social justice issues can be addressed through theatre. Dayna talks to Chris Rabideau and Moya McAlister (yes, our Moya!) of Arts Collective Theatre, Michael Potter of Post Productions, and well-known actor, writer, and mentor Lesli … Read more »

  • How Large Law Firms Recruit Law Students

    Lawyer Kim Orr This week we take a close look at the process of recruitment that dominates law school for second and third year students. Eager to find a position that will be a resume builder and begin paying off tuition debt, students compete in a process known as the “OCIs” (“On-Campus Interviews … Read more »

  • Meaningful Justice for Indigenous Canadians

    This week Jonathan Rudin from Aboriginal Legal Services talks with Julie about the social and historical reasons why it is important to offer legal and other services for Indigenous Canadians that are designed by and for their communities. Among other services, Jonathan describes the work of ALS in  … Read more »

  • Legal Services For 21st Century Clients

    This week Julie talks with Professor Noel Semple, her colleague at Windsor Law and a member of the NSRLP Advisory Board, about finding the right balance between a legal profession that is independent of government and one that regulates itself – and when government might step in and force change. No … Read more »

  • Public Voices Matter

    This week on the podcast we hear from delegates at the NSRLP’s recent 5th Anniversary event, “Continuing the Dialogue”, which brought together people from across the justice system, including self-represented litigants, to engage in frank discussion about the Access to Justice crisis, and what needs … Read more »

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