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"Hosted by National Self-Represented Litigants Project Director Julie Macfarlane and Project Coordinator Dayna Cornwall, our social justice podcast showcases visionaries, social justice warriors, and legal system “disrupters”; we ask about their motivations, and how their experiences have changed them – for better or for worse."

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  • Repeal the Eighth: Ireland’s Moment of ChoiceMay 8, 2018

    On May 25, 2018, Ireland will hold a national referendum to decide whether or not to repeal the eighth amendment to the constitution, passed in 1983, which gives equal right to life to a pregnant woman and the child she’s carrying, from the moment of conception – solidifying the illegality of aborti … Read more »

  • Shameful History: Sexual Abuse In The Anglican ChurchMay 1, 2018

    This week’s episode focuses on the ongoing work of the UK’s largest ever public inquiry, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse ( or IICSA. IICSA is charged with discovering what went wrong in numerous institutions, including the Anglican church, where for decades … Read more »

  • Tarion and the Building Industry v SRLsApril 24, 2018

    Barbara Captijn, consumer protection advocate Ontario’s Tarion agency provides a government-backed home warranty program for problems arising with workmanship in new homes. When claims are denied, Tarion and the building industry defend that decision in the Ontario Licensing Appeal Tribunal – where … Read more »

  • Not So OppressedApril 10, 2018

    Speakers at the Sydney Symposium on Agency of Muslim Women This week’s episode represents Julie’s time in February as a guest of the University of Sydney, where she visited Professor Ghena Krayhem and other scholars and activists in Australia working to change public perceptions of Muslim women as p … Read more »

  • Graduating “SRL-Certified”March 27, 2018

    Lidia Imbrogno, Becky Robinet, and Sandra Shushani, NSRLP RAs. Plus Vito! This week Julie talks to our three graduating research assistants about what they’ve learned working for NSRLP, and how it will affect their legal careers. Lidia Imbrogno has worked for NSRLP throughout her law school career, … Read more »