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  • Refused Spousal Sponsorship Application

    It is stressful and depressing when Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) rejects a spouse’s sponsorship application. No couple wants to receive a Refused Spousal Sponsorship application. The application procedure for spousal/common-law P.R. sponsorship is complicated. Regrettably, we … Read more »

  • Spousal Sponsorship: Husband, Wife, Common-law partner

    Living alone in a different country, far away from your family, is hard, especially when you are married. To help families stay together, the Canadian government has issued Spousal Sponsorship Programs. It is an excellent option for those seeking to bring their spouse or partner to Canada permanentl … Read more »

  • Open Work Permit

    There is a shortage of skilled people in Canada. As a result, the nation is enticing foreigners to come here for employment to solve this issue. To attract immigration, Canada has developed several work visa options, such as Open Work Permits. Over a predetermined time, a foreign citizen with an ope … Read more »

  • Parent Sponsorship program

    Family reunification is essential to Canadians and plays a vital role in our immigration system. We also recognize that reuniting parents and grandparents with their families in Canada contributes significantly to our communities. Therefore, Canada is set to accept up to 15,000 applications for its … Read more »

  • How long does a Spousal Sponsorship application take?

    Usually, the process of Spousal Sponsorship Canada takes time. However, people who are seeking to sponsor their foreign spouses to immigrate to the U.S now need not be disheartened. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) understands how crucial it is for families to stay together in Can … Read more »