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  • Types of long-term disability claims

    It is important to understand the various types of long-term disability claims to know whether you can quality for long-term disability benefits. Depending on where you live, the list may vary, nonetheless, let us review some of the most common long-term disability claims. Cancer Many insurance comp … Read more »

  • What to do if your Long Term Disability claim is denied?

    Long Term Disability insurance was created to help offer assistance and support in case you are unable to work, injured or sick for an extended period of time. However, even if you file a Long Term Disability claim, that doesn’t mean it will be accepted. In fact, there are many reasons why the Long … Read more »

  • Everything You Need to Know about Wrongful Dismissal

    How to identify and take action against wrongful dismissal Losing your job without any notice, reason, or proper compensation can have a significant impact on your life and finances. In Ontario, there are laws in place to protect employee rights and to help ensure job security. Unfortunately, wrongf … Read more »

  • When Do You Need an Employment Lawyer?

    Your employee rights should always be a priority; knowing when to seek legal help from an employment lawyer is crucial. As a working Canadian, there are laws in place to protect you and your rights as an employee. Exercising your rights can be intimidating, and many people aren’t even entirely sure … Read more »

  • 5 Common Causes of Car Accidents in the Fall

    Be aware of these typical autumn driving hazards to stay safe and avoid car accidents. To many, the fall seems like a relatively safe time of year on the road. The winter months have a terrible reputation for being the most dangerous for drivers; however, the fall also contributes its fair share of … Read more »