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  • COVID and Employment Law – What’s Changed?

    COVID changed how many people work, travel, socialize and live, but has it changed employment laws? At this point in the pandemic, ‘returning to normal life’ seems almost impossible. It’s hard to imagine a COVID-free future because it made such an enormous impact in such a short amount of time. As a … Read more »

  • Slip and Fall Accidents – Winter Hazards

    Slippery winter weather increases your risk of slip and fall accidents; stay upright this season by knowing the hazards.  Whenever the winter season comes around, the risk of slip and fall accidents increases significantly. With ice, snow, and slush on the ground, we have to be extra patient and car … Read more »

  • Determining Fault in Winter Hit and Runs

    The snowy weather makes winter hit and runs more common, but who is really at fault? It’s a chilly morning in November, you look outside, and the very first snowfall of the season coats the ground. After warming up your car and brushing off the snow, you start your commute; however, it seems as thou … Read more »

  • Employment Law Issues During COVID-19

    Everything employees and employers need to know about possible employment law issues during COVID-19 Back in April, over 2 million Canadians lost their jobs due to country-wide shutdowns in an effort to flatten the curve of COVID-19. As we approach the one-year mark of the first shutdown, Ontario is … Read more »

  • Spinal Cord Injuries and Your Legal Rights

    Spinal cord injuries are catastrophic personal injuries. Should you hire a lawyer? Our spinal cords connect our body to our brain through a column of nerves, controlling our movements. When we sustain spinal cord injuries, the damages can be catastrophic. Depending on the injury’s place and severity … Read more »