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  • Recovery of Stolen Inheritance in British Columbia

    Disclaimer: The contents of this blog are provided for information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Before a person passes away, they often prepare a will or trust that dictates how their assets are to be distributed after their death, be it to their family members and/or friends, k … Read more »

  • How to Contest a Will in British Columbia

    Have you been unpleasantly surprised by what a loved one’s Will says? Do you suspect that a family member’s Will does not reflect their true wishes? You can contest a Will in BC to seek justice and ensure your loved one’s true wishes are respected. Read on for important information and answers to co … Read more »

  • How Do Family Trusts Work in Canada?

    A family trust can be a very powerful estate planning tool. You can use a family trust to achieve a number of goals, including protecting assets and wealth, increasing privacy, avoiding probate fees, and reducing tax liability. Many people have a good understanding of Wills, but only a general famil … Read more »

  • What is Estate Litigation?

    Estate litigation can be many things. It can be stressful and emotional. It can be time-consuming and costly. Many hope to avoid the litigation process altogether. But the bottom line is that in some situations, estate litigation is absolutely necessary to secure justice and ensure that a loved one’ … Read more »

  • How to Avoid Probate: Navigating Estate Planning

    Estate planning can be complex, but the estate planning process will be greatly simplified when you have clear goals. If your objective is avoiding probate, there are effective strategies you can use to avoid the probate process and probate fees. With proper planning, you can take steps now to reduc … Read more »