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  • Equal Treatment Not Always Required When Dividing an Estate in BC

    When dividing an estate in BC, equal treatment of a will-maker’s children is not required to make adequate, fair and equitable provision. In a previous blog, we discussed Grewal v. Litt, 2019 BCSC 1154, in which a son claimed that he was entitled to compensation in respect of his on his parents’ far … Read more »

  • Son’s Vancouver Estate Law Claim Denied due to Benefits Received Through the Years

    In a recent Vancouver estate law matter, Grewal v. Litt, 2019 BCSC 1154, a son claimed that he should receive $400,000 from his parents’ estate to compensate him for his work and improvements to the family farm. The son asserted that his contributions to the farm unjustly enriched his parents’ estat … Read more »

  • Vancouver Estate Lawyers Discuss Competing Claims to Insurance Proceeds

    In some cases, the deceased’s estate has no significant assets and the real contest centres on entitlement to insurance proceeds. In a recent post, our Vancouver estate lawyers discussed the difference between a revocable and an irrevocable beneficiary designation in a life insurance policy. As allu … Read more »

  • New COVID-19 processes at Onyx

    We at Onyx Law Group are doing our part to protect the safety of our team members, our clients, and members of the public that we have contact with from contracting COVID-19. As such, we have implemented a policy whereby all team members are encouraged and enabled to work remotely, from home as much … Read more »

  • Competing Claims of a Second Spouse to Life Insurance Proceeds

    The Supreme Court of Canada was recently asked to weigh the competing claims of a second spouse and a first spouse to the proceeds of a life insurance policy. In a contest between two innocent parties (i.e., a first spouse and a second spouse), both of whom claim an entitlement to the proceeds of a … Read more »