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  • Strict Compliance with the Terms of an Agreement is required to Strictly Enforce Contractual Rights

        The Takeaway The terms of a contract govern the relationship between the contracting parties.  If a party intends to strictly enforce a contractual right that party must have strictly complied with the prerequisite requirements to do so. The Case The type of agreement that gives rise to the disp … Read more »

  • Renewal of a Commercial Lease and the Doctrine of Waiver

    The Take Away Once a party waives an enforceable legal right its ability to then enforce such right is not immediate. The Case A recent decision of the Court of Appeal reaffirmed the manner in which a party may revoke its waiver. In North Elgin Center Inc. v McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited, … Read more »

  • Man Lawyer

    Post by: Craig Robson When I was a junior lawyer, (back before computers) I worked in a firm with a senior counsel who was of an age to have fought in the first World War.  At the time, one of my co-juniors was a very capable young woman. One day, the senior counsel approached/tottered towards the t … Read more »

  • Condominiums, Drinking Water Systems and the Safe Drinking Water Act

    Posted by: Roy Gentles Recently we have run into a number of issues surrounding the interpretation of the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 (the “Act”).  Namely, several municipalities have declared that the system of works that supplies water to the unit owners of the condominium plan is a “non-municip … Read more »

  • Enforcement of a “One Family” Clause in Condominium Declarations

    Enforcement of One Family Requirement in Condominium Declarations Post by: Carly Haynes We have noticed in recent court decisions the imposition of a restrictive definition of “one family” or “single family”[1] residence in condominium declarations where the term is not otherwise explicitly defined … Read more »

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