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  • In the Wake of COVID-19, Bicycle Accidents Persist

    At Will Davidson LLP, our team of car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, and bicycle accident lawyers keeps a close eye on road safety challenges and proposed solutions across the GTA. Our job is to help injured road users access accident benefits and/or compensation, but we also support … Read more »

  • Toronto is Making Roads Safer Through Infrastructure Changes

    In 2016, the City of Toronto launched its Vision Zero Road Safety Plan with the ambitious goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries. The plan was welcomed by car accident lawyers and road safety activists who had seen different versions of the Vision Zero strategy successfully implemen … Read more »

  • What is Being Done to Address Distracted Driving in Ontario?

    Personal injury lawyers, especially those that represent car accident victims, are always attuned to risk factors that cause serious injuries and fatalities on Canadian roads. In the past 10-15 years, distracted driving has become a growing point of focus. Even though distraction has always been a r … Read more »

  • Ontario Launches MOMS Act. Will Road Safety Improve?

    On July 1, the Province of Ontario rolled out the first stage of a sweeping, multifaceted road safety plan called the Moving Ontarians More Safely (MOMS) Act. The legislation, originally introduced at Queen’s Park on April 26 and passed in late May, targets several high-profile areas of road safety … Read more »

  • Civil vs. Criminal Bartender Liability in Drunk Driving Accidents

    Drunk driving rates have plummeted for decades in Canada, but impairment continues to be a major risk factor on our roads, as car accident lawyers know. Considering the time, money, and effort stakeholders have put into anti-drunk driving campaigns, when impaired driving accidents dooccur there tend … Read more »