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  • Global Pandemic App Watch site tracks uptake of COVID-19 contact tracing apps

      Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, as discussions swirled around the adoption of exposure notification or contact-tracing apps (CT/EN apps), Jason Millar, Kelly Bronson and I, and our outstanding students, Tommy Friedlich and Ryan Mosoff, began to explore the privacy and socio-ethical implications re … Read more »

  • BC Court of Appeal is Open to Broadening Privacy Recourse

      The BC Court of Appeal has handed down a decision that shakes up certain assumptions about recourse for privacy-related harms in that province – and perhaps in other provinces as well. The decision relates to a class action lawsuit filed after a data breach. The defendant had stored an unencrypted … Read more »

  • Data Protection Laws and Political Parties: No Half Measures

      This is a copy of my submission in response to the Elections Canada consultation on Political Communications in Federal Elections. The consultation closes on August 21, 2020. Note that this submission has endnotes which are at the end of the document. Where possible these include hyperlinks to the … Read more »

  • Ontario launches consultation on a new private sector data protection law

      The Ontario Government has just launched a public consultation and discussion paper to solicit input on a new private sector data protection law for Ontario. Currently, the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in Ontario is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Elec … Read more »

  • How Will COVID Alert Measure Up?

      Canada’s new exposure notification app – COVID Alert has launched in Ontario. This shifts the focus from whether to adopt an app and what type to how we will know if the app is a success. COVID Alert is built upon the Google Apple Exposure Notification System (GAEN) which is a completely decentral … Read more »