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  • Mindfulness Ft. Professor Thomas Telfer

    Darlene and Mike are joined by Professor Thomas Telfer (Faculty of Law, Western University) to discuss mental well-being and mindfulness at law school. PLUS: Alvin and the Chipmunks, Ferrari brains, and taking five. Check out these articles on Professor Telfer: … Read more »

  • Law School Tips & Tricks

    Mike and Darlene are joined by Bronwyn Tonelli (Student, Oxford Faculty of Law) and Aly Háji(former Clerk, Supreme Court of Canada)to give tips on ‘doing’ law school. PLUS: #Facebookproblems, flashcards and Mike doing everything wrong. Check out Bronwyn’s favourite flashcard app here: https://quizle … Read more »

  • Setting your Career Compass Ft. Waleska Vernon

    Mike and Darlene are joined by Career Development Counsellor Waleska Vernon (University of Toronto Faculty of Law) to discuss how law students can best position themselves for a fulfilling career. PLUS: tips on self-reflection, the strengths of generalists, and Mike talks Teen Packs. Music credit: N … Read more »

  • Fulfillment at Law School ft. Dean Adam Dodek

    Dean Adam Dodek (uOttawa Common Law) helps Darlene and Mike kick of Season 2: Back To School. The group discusses how students can be fulfilled while studying at law school. PLUS: Mike loves Tegan & Sara, Darlene chats Cheetos(?), and Dean Dodek reminds us to believe in ourselves (awwwww). Music cre … Read more »

  • End of Season 1 – Wrap Up

    Darlene and Mike close off Season 1 with a look back at their favourite moments, and discuss what Season 2 and Season 3 will hold. PLUS: Mike does an Adam Sandler impression (twice, unfortunately), Darlene shows off her broadcasting chops, and much more. LISTENER FEEDBACK FORM is here: … Read more »