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  • Stop Yelling, Start Listening

    Darlene and Mike wrap up season 6 by discussing the default treatment of opposing lawyers as instant adversaries. They ask whether an approach of respectful problem solving can lead to better results (and should become the profession’s new default). PLUS: Mike’s guru morning, Darlene revisits classi … Read more »

  • Untangling Fear In Lawyering ft. Heidi K. Brown

    Darlene and Mike are joined by Heidi K. Brown (Author, Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School) to discuss her book Untangling Fear In Lawyering. The group considers whether lawyers can improve performance and well-being by embracing confidence, understanding what drives fear, and adopting practices … Read more »

  • Lawyers Aren't Robots: How Identity, Principles, and Empathy Drive Outcomes

    Darlene and Mike are joined by Sara Robertson ( to learn how acknowledging identity, principles, and empathetic abilities can help lawyers avoid bad outcomes. PLUS: Golden Girls, a genius road trip hack, and sartorial reviews of My Cousin Vinny. THANK YOU Thanks to dealcloser, our spon … Read more »

  • Overthinking Is Not Awesome

    Darlene and Mike discuss the downsides of overthinking. With a little help from books on the subject, they propose that eliminating negative soundtracks and distracting noise is actually key to the effective practice of law. PLUS: The power of Lego, a document from Darlene’s past appears, and Mike f … Read more »

  • The Problem With "Hacking It"

    Darlene and Mike discuss whether ‘hacking it’ should be the goal, or whether it can actually be a sign of strength to choose another path. PLUS: Darlene hates cakes, Mike (desperately) offers his Alvin and the Chipmunks impression, and is Mike’s obsession with his grass contagious? THANK YOU Thanks … Read more »