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  • Commitment (Season 3 Finale)

    Darlene and Mike wrap up Season 3 by discussing the key to high performance: commitment. Focus on the stuff that works, get rid of the stuff that doesn’t. PLUS: Mike loves Cheer, Darlene is a punk, and a hint at Season 4’s focus. SHOW NOTES:The Heartbreaking Effects of Being Only Partly Committed to … Read more »

  • Creating Wellness Habits Ft. Rachel Schipper

    Darlene and Mike are joined by wellness expert Rachel Schipper. Leveraging Rachel’s past as a lawyer and extensive training in wellness, we discuss small ways that any high performance seeking individual can add a daily wellness routine into their day. PLUS Darlene and Mike compete, Mike learns the … Read more »

  • Leadership Tips!

    Darlene and Mike discuss how to become effective leaders – from Jack Welch to the coach of the Maple Leafs, there is so much to borrow from past and current leaders. PLUS: Harry and Meghan, Mike gets new glasses, and we received correspondence! SHOW NOTES: Adam Grant: Emotional Intelligence is over … Read more »

  • Staying Focused – Tips & Tricks

    Darlene and Mike discuss tips and tricks for building and maintaining focus. From thinking strategically to providing yourself rewards, there are some great ways to stay dialed in. PLUS: Mike’s odd relationship with trail mix, Darlene’s book pile, and the pod wins an award! CREDITS: The Distracted M … Read more »

  • Best Of 2019

    Darlene and Mike ‘take a stroll down a snowy memory lane’ and discuss the podcast’s hits (and misses) of 2019. BONUS EPISODE Our special live recording at Osgoode Hall can be heard here: FEEDBACK, CREDITS & REVIEW Please give us feedback here: Music c … Read more »