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  • Lawyers with Kids (pt. 2) ft. Lily Coodin

    Darlene and Mike are joined by Lily Coodin (Bay Street lawyer, Legal Expert on CTV’s The Social) to discuss how we can change the profession to help parents thrive. PLUS: Mike and Lily’s history, “Givers” in a workplace, and developing loyal employees. FEEDBACK, CREDITS & REVIEW Please give us feedb … Read more »

  • Risky Business ft. Juda Strawczynski

    Darlene and Mike are joined by Juda Strawczynski (Director, practicePRO at the Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LawPro)) to discuss whether risk can be a useful tool for lawyers. PLUS: Using checklists, bad internet, and helping artists during these times. FEEDBACK, CREDITS & REVIEW Please g … Read more »

  • Anti-Racism & Sustainable Change ft. Hadiya Roderique

    Darlene and Mike are joined by Hadiya Roderique to discuss anti-racism, creating sustainable change, and what (if anything) has changed since she wrote her Black on Bay Street essay in 2017. PLUS: Hadiya shares her big idea of a restorative justice system, rather than punitive justice system, which … Read more »

  • RE-POST: Belonging Ft. Catherine Chang

    We re-post this episode as a resource, specific to the profession, for those seeking to learn more about systemic racism and its impacts on practicing lawyers from marginalized communities. You can learn more about Catherine and her work at: _________________________________ … Read more »

  • Lawyers At Home Sharing Coffee – June 9

    Darlene and Mike discuss their privilege, how lawyers can help fight systemic racism, and the effects of the ongoing pandemic. LINKS • Education: So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo – • Kids Book: Th … Read more »