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  • AI4A2J

    Originally published on The title of this post stands for Artificial Intelligence for Access to Justice. It sounds a little like buzzword festival. Rest assured however – there is no mention whatsoever of block chain or design thinking further down in the text. A few months ago we sent out  … Read more »

  • The BC Surface Rights Board Deploys Decisia on Its Website

    The Surface Rights Board (SRB) is the latest administrative tribunal from British Columbia to publish its board decisions using Decisia.  Lexum imported approximately 500 Oil & Gas Orders, as well as Mining Orders into Decisia, which are now available on the SRB website at the following address: htt … Read more »

  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Upgrade with Decisia

    We are happy to announce that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has selected Decisia to start publishing the full text of its member conduct board decisions on its website. The RCMP aims to publish its member conduct board decisions to the benefit of the complainants, witnesses, and the publi … Read more »

  • Decisia 5.2 – Combined Search Functionality and Better Navigation

    Lexum is pleased to announce its latest version of Decisia: Decisia 5.2. Here’s what’s new: Combined Search Functionality Decisia 5.2 introduces a streamlined way to search for decisions and resources! For sites with content published in both decision and resource collections, the Decisia Home page … Read more »

  • Qweri 2.2 – Improved Print Functionalities

    Lexum is pleased to announce its latest version of Qweri: Qweri 2.2. Here’s what’s new: With Qweri 2.1, you could already download your documents in PDF, print entire documents via your browser or print individual elements of a table of contents, depending on the configuration of your website. Qweri … Read more »

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