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  • The Supreme Court of Canada Decisions’ Website Is Evolving

    Some of you may have noticed that after over 25 years of being hosted exclusively under the Lexum domain at, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) judgments are now also available under the Court’s own domain at On top of the new URL, the database … Read more »

  • Decisia 6.0: New Authentication System

    Lexum is pleased to announce its latest version of Decisia: Decisia 6.0. NEW AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM With Decisia 6.0, Lexum is upgrading its user registration technology to improve interoperability between its different products. Improved Management of Users With fewer fields to complete and the poss … Read more »

  • Lexbox 2.2 – Icons in Search Items, Bookmarks, and Refreshed Login

    Lexum is pleased to announce its latest version of Lexbox: Lexbox 2.2. Here’s what’s new: Lexbox Icons Directly Accessible Next to Every Search Item Every search result on a Lexbox supported site now comes with integrated Lexbox features, making it even easier to organize your legal research. New Bo … Read more »

  • The Cyberjustice Laboratory Case Management System and Decisia Now Connecting Together

    The Cyberjustice Laboratory and Lexum are proud to announce that their respective solutions now easily integrate with each other.  Thanks to a dedicated connector, docket information managed within the Cyberjustice Case Management System (CMS) can be seamlessly synchronized with a matching Decisia a … Read more »

  • Lexbox Tip: Making the Most Out of Alerts

    Considering the volume of cases you are working on, it may prove difficult to stay up to date on legal research for all of them.  That’s why Lexbox alerts handles it for you. Lexbox enables you to set up alerts feeds and personalise them to cater to your different area of interest.  It’s great to [… … Read more »