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  • The Dangers of Ethanol-Fueled Appliances 

    The Ontario fire marshal has issued a warning of the significant risk associated with tabletop fireplaces that use ethanol as fuel following a number of fatalities and injuries in Ontario over the past three years. One of the incidents involved a woman named Hana Engel (“Engel”) who suffered second … Read more »

  • New Device Developed to Prevent Concussions

    Concussions and repetitive impacts to the head are frequent injuries suffered by football players.  It has been reported that there is an increasing number of retired NFL players who suffered concussions during their career that have developed memory and cognitive difficulties, including dementia, A … Read more »

  • Share the Road: Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

    School is back in session, and all drivers have a responsibility to be more attentive when travelling on the roads.  This is especially important during the times of day when children are more likely to be outside of their school, including before school begins, lunchtime and after school. Cuming & … Read more »

  • Two Deadly Crashes Occur on the Highway 9 Construction Zone

    During the summer months in Alberta, road construction is anticipated and with it comes congestion and potential hazards.  With the start of construction on our roadways, drivers can expect narrowed roads, decreased lanes, traffic slowing or completely stopping, uneven surfaces and changes in traffi … Read more »

  • Appeal Court Upholds Ruling that City of Calgary Liable in CTrain Attack

    In a recent decision by the Alberta Court of Appeal, the court ruled that the City of Calgary breached its “duty of care” by failing to provide a safe and secure transit environment and is liable for the injuries suffered by Kyle McAllister (“McAllister”). WHAT HAPPENED? Last year Cuming & Gillespli … Read more »