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  • Appeal Court Upholds $7M Award for Girl Who Jumped from a Moving Bus

    The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld the trial court decision that awarded Sarah Little (“Sarah”) $7 million after suffering a brain injury when she jumped from a rear emergency exit on a bus. WHAT HAPPENED? On the last day of grade 8 in June 2011, Sarah Little, of Barrie, Ontario, was on her way … Read more »

  • Dentist Awarded $5.26 Million After Failed Career Ending Vision-Correction Surgery

    A Toronto Judge has ordered Dr. Yair Karas (“Karas”) to pay Dr. Brent Jesperson (“Jesperson”) $5.26 million for a “poorly done and misleadingly explained operation” that caused Jesperson to be unable to continue practicing dentistry and left him feeling depressed and suicidal. WHAT HAPPENED? In 1994 … Read more »

  • Is the ‘Textalyzer’ the New Device That Will Bust Distracted Drivers in Canada?

    Millions of collisions throughout North America are caused by distracted driving.  According to Transport Canada’s National Collision Database, distracted driving contributed to an estimated 21% of all fatal collisions and 27% of all serious injury collisions across Canada. Data released from the go … Read more »

  • Family of California Man Killed in Crash Suing Tesla

    The family of Walter Huang (“Huang”), 38 years old at the time of his death, has filed a lawsuit against Tesla alleging wrongful death and negligence in a California state court.  Huang died in a crash while driving his Tesla Model X SUV along U.S. Route 101 in California in March 2018. What Happene … Read more »

  • Halloween Pedestrian Safety Tips

    Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids and is often one of their favourite nights of the year.  It’s a night when children can dress up, stay up late and binge on chocolate and candy.  However, there are unfortunately many hazards to be aware of and to look out for during Halloween night. DANGERS … Read more »