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  • Paralyzed Hockey Player Sues Both Drivers Responsible for Accident

    Ryan Straschnitzki (“Straschnitzki”) has commenced a $13.5 million lawsuit against both the truck driver and the driver of the bus that he was riding in, along with the Governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan and others in regards to the 2018 bus crash.  The lawsuit was filed in both Calgary and Sas … Read more »

  • Maia Tomljanovic Interviewed on Inside Medical Malpractice Podcast

    Associate lawyer, Maia Tomljanovic, was recently interviewed by host Chris Rokosh on two episodes of the Inside Medical Malpractice podcast. In the first episode, Maia talks about what inspires her, and how she hopes to bring positive change to healthcare in Calgary and beyond through her work in me … Read more »

  • Concerns that No-Fault Auto Insurance May Be Introduced in Alberta

    The Alberta government is currently reviewing the province’s auto insurance industry.  Although no details have been released regarding the particulars of a new insurance system, there has been speculation that Alberta will be moving towards a no-fault regime.  WHAT IS NO-FAULT AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE? … Read more »

  • Family of Man Killed in Uber Accident Files $7 Million Lawsuit in Ontario

    A $7 million lawsuit has been filed in Ontario against Uber Canada and the City of Toronto, amongst other defendants, for the fatality of Nicholas Cameron (“Cameron”), who was a passenger in a ridesharing vehicle in 2018. Uber driver, Abdihared Bishar-Mussa (“Bishar-Mussa”), is also a named defendan … Read more »

  • Cuming & Gillespie Statement on COVID-19

    Cuming & Gillespie Lawyers is committed to the health and safety of our community, and to following the suggested social distancing guidelines provided by the Canadian government and trusted health experts. While our business remains open and is operating at full capacity, we have asked employees to … Read more »