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  • The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

    Driver fatigue is a significant problem for Canadian drivers, despite the fact that impaired and distracted driving receive the majority of public attention.  Many motor vehicle accidents, and resulting injuries and deaths, occur due to drowsy drivers. According to Transport Canada, twenty percent o … Read more »

  • Litigating During COVID: Alberta Courts Introduce Plan to Resume Operations

    During the past few months, businesses across Canada have had to adapt to our new reality as safety measures have been implemented to protect all citizens from the deadly virus.  Many are working from home on laptops, and Zoom has become part of our everyday vocabulary.  The justice system has also … Read more »

  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions and the Personal Injury Case

    Individuals who suffer injuries following motor vehicle accidents or slip and falls are often concerned that their pre-existing injuries may reduce or negatively impact the compensation they are looking to receive.  This is a valid concern as lawyers for the defendant will examine the injured victim … Read more »

  • Calgary Bike Shops Busier Than Ever: Follow These Safety Tips to Ensure a Safe Ride

    Now that most activities in the city have been cancelled, such as soccer and baseball, kids and adults alike have turned to cycling as a way to stay happy, healthy and active.  According to Calgary bicycle shop owners, the rules of physical distancing and the increasingly warmer weather have increas … Read more »

  • Safety Around the Backyard Swimming Pool

    The temperatures are beginning to rise and summer is getting closer.  It’s that time of the year again when we can all get outside to enjoy barbeques, outdoor fun and relaxing by the backyard swimming pool.  With the excitement of splashing around in a backyard swimming pool also comes the responsib … Read more »