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  • BBQ Bristle Brushes Pose Health Risk

    It’s finally warm enough to declare that it is BBQ season in Canada.  However, the government is warning us about the serious health concerns associated with the use of metal brushes to clean your grill.  The exact number of injuries caused by metal bristles becoming loose, stuck to food, swallowed … Read more »

  • Ontario Parents are Suing for Wrongful Pregnancy

    An Ontario couple are suing Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto and two obstetricians for $800,000 to cover the costs of raising their daughter claiming that a botched sterilization procedure resulted in a wrongful pregnancy. WHAT HAPPENED? In 2011, Jim and Jen, the parents of the baby (who asked that t … Read more »

  • Boating Safety Tips

    The warm weather has finally arrived and many are eager to enjoy the outdoors by getting out on the water.  Every year throughout Canada, individuals suffer catastrophic and life-altering accidents during water recreational activities.  Many boating accidents in Alberta occur in the lake resort area … Read more »

  • Tiger Woods Named in Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Florida

    A wrongful death lawsuit against Tiger Woods (“Tiger”) and his girlfriend has been filed in Palm Beach County, Florida by the parents of Nicholas Immesberger (“Immesberger”). WHAT HAPPENED? On December 10, 2018, Immesberger was driving home in his Corvette from The Woods Jupiter restaurant and bar w … Read more »

  • Multiple Lawsuits Launched Against the Makers of PAM Cooking Spray

    Last week, six different lawsuits were commenced in the United States against Conagra Brands (“Conagra”) claiming that pressurized cans of Pam cooking spray have caused multiple injuries when they burst into flames or caused explosions. Cooking spray is often used to stop food from sticking to a pan … Read more »

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