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Ferguson Barristers has 80 years combined experience specializing in personal injury and civil litigation. The authors for the blog will be the firm's partners and associates, offering advice, insights and valuable information for accident victims and other lawyers.

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  • Children Conceived After Death and Inheritance – Written by Zachary Thiffault

    The laws governing inheritance are among the oldest elements of the common law system, and as with most areas of law, meshing these centuries old standards with modern realities is a slow process. Questions of inheritance are impacted by many factors; is there a Will, is the Will valid, was the pers … Read more »

  • What Happens When You Log Out For The Last Time? -Written by Zachary Thiffault

    For better or worse, social media has become a key way in which we express ourselves, sharing our joys, accomplishments, and grief. With kids, parents, grandparents, and yes even great-grandparents (Hi Grandma Babs!) using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to remain connected with dista … Read more »

  • Small Claims Court Changes- Written by Helen Field

    The Ontario Government has announced that effective January 1, 2020, the province’s Small Claims Court’s monetary limited will increase from $25,000.00 to $35,000.00.  This exciting development affords more civil litigants a less time consuming and economical option to resolve their disputes.  A lit … Read more »

  • Can I Draft My Own Will?!?!

    There is a well-known case that is read by most law students during law school which relates to hand written Wills also known as Holograph Wills. In 1948, Cecil Geo Harris, as Saskatchewan farmer, was pinned underneath his tractor. While he was trapped, he used a packet knife to etch the following o … Read more »

  • A Back to School Message From FDTLaw

    It’s almost back to school season and school days bring congestion. Children are walking to and from school, kids are on their bikes hurrying to class and buses are picking up their passengers. The Canadian Safety Council has some excellent safety tips to share with children to ensure safe travel: G … Read more »