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  • Things You Should Know About Conditional Discharge In Canada

    Two types of discharges may be available for you in Canada if you have been found guilty of a criminal offence: absolute discharge and conditional release. A discharge is considered to be an extraordinary sentencing measure that allows the accused individuals to prevent a criminal conviction, whethe … Read more »

  • Understanding Different Types Of Peace Bonds In Canada

    Under the Canadian criminal law, when an accused agrees to adhere to a specific set of conditions for some definite time period, the agreement is known as a peace bond. The primary purpose of a peace bond is to ensure that the accused won’t commit a crime against a victim during a specified time. To … Read more »

  • 5 Best Ways To Respond To DUI Charges

    With improved legislation regarding impaired driving (DUI) offences already in place throughout Canada, maximum penalties for these charges have already been increased countrywide. The police have been given complete authority to conduct a roadside screening test to decide whether or not the driver … Read more »

  • What Is A Peace Bond Under The Canadian Criminal Law?

    In Canada, a peace bond is an official criminal court order that compels an accused to adhere to a particular set of conditions for a definite period. A Canadian court could grant a peace bond when an accused has been charged with a violent crime or is likely to commit a crime. In this context, the … Read more »

  • Understanding Hit And Run Offences In Alberta

    A hit and run accident can be extremely frustrating and an unfortunate experience for anyone in Edmonton or any other parts of Alberta. Different types of questions arise in one’s mind whose car has just been hit by another vehicle, “who will pay for the damage? Should I report the incident to the a … Read more »