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  • The True Cost of Credit Counselling

    Credit counselling is a program to repay your debts in full. Many people choose credit counselling because they think the program is less harmful to their credit. The problem is, in a significant number of situations, credit counselling can leave you worse off financially. Here is an actual client s … Read more »

  • Loan Scams: Advance Fee Loans are Illegal in Canada

    Recently we received a call from someone asking about a company called Sherwood Financial Service who bill themselves over the phone and online as Advanced Fee Loan Brokers. They even have profiles on the Better Business Bureau although they are not BBB accredited. Sadly, we’ve also received calls f … Read more »

  • Hoyes Michalos Proudly Sponsoring The Sun County Panthers

    It’s our first time sponsoring the Sun County Panthers, who are a local AAA hockey team based near my hometown Windsor, Ontario. I have a personal connection with this sponsorship, as my son is playing for the team in his first year.  The Sun County Panthers play throughout South and Southwestern On … Read more »

  • Why Credit Counselling Doesn’t Help with Payday Loans

    Payday loans become the loan of last resort for a lot of people struggling to keep up with credit card and other debt payments. In fact, 4 in 10 of our clients use payday loans on top of other unsecured debt. If you are caught in the payday loan trap, which option is better – credit counselling or a … Read more »

  • What Happens To My Professional Designation If I File Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal?

    It’s not uncommon for someone holding a professional designation to face personal debt problems. After all, financial trouble can happen to anyone regardless of career or income. But how will a bankruptcy or consumer proposal impact your professional license? Below we provide information into how ba … Read more »