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  • York Credit Services Contract Review

    I’m saddened that we continue to receive calls and emails from Canadians who signed a contract with a non-licensed debt professional for assistance in choosing a consumer proposal, only to find that the costs of these services are harming them financially. This time it was York Credit Services. As w … Read more »

  • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Assets in a Bankruptcy in Canada

    Many Canadians who face serious financial difficulties fear that filing for bankruptcy will cause them to lose all of their property. However, this is a misconception, because there are federal and provincial laws that provide bankruptcy exceptions to what you must surrender. And if you do have asse … Read more »

  • Zero-based budgeting: How to Give Every Dollar a Purpose

    Zero-based budgeting sounds fancy and complicated, but it’s actually an incredibly simple – but powerful – tool to help you spend smarter. If you are trying to balance your budget and increase the likelihood that you will meet financial goals like saving money or paying down debt, zero-based budgeti … Read more »

  • What To Do If Your Mortgage Is In Arrears

    Because the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial difficulty it brought with it are far from being over, many Canadians still struggle to meet their mortgage payments. Mortgage deferrals helped for a while, but those deferral periods are now largely over. For most homeowners I meet, their mortgage is … Read more »

  • Should You File Bankruptcy Before or After Divorce?

    If your marriage is soon to be over and you are struggling with debt, you may be looking to build a new start by dealing with both your legal separation and options to deal with your debt. In this situation, I am often asked, ‘Should I file a bankruptcy or consumer proposal before or after divorce?’ … Read more »