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  • 25 Things You Must Know About a Consumer Proposal

    We’re finding that we meet with more people every day who have heard of consumer proposals, and are interested in them as an alternative to bankruptcy, but it seems many are not completely sure about what they are or how consumer proposals work. Here are 25 important facts about consumer proposals: … Read more »

  • Should You Get a Debt Consolidation Cosigner?

    If you are looking to consolidate debt with a new personal loan and have a low credit score, your lender may request you get a debt consolidation cosigner before approving your application. The question is, should you ask a friend or family member, with better credit than you, to take the financial … Read more »

  • Is a Debt Jubilee The Solution to Our Collective Debt Problem?

    Household debt was in a crisis before the recent economic downturn, with many Canadians owing more debt than they could ever hope to repay, and the coronavirus shut down of 2020 has accelerated the collapse.  Sky-high job losses have highlighted just how many people were truly living paycheque to pa … Read more »

  • What Does Bankruptcy Mean For You?

    As personal debt levels increase, bankruptcy filings are on the rise in Canada. The stigma behind bankruptcy is certainly falling, yet many people are still afraid of both the bankruptcy process and what it means for them personally and financially. Bankruptcy is a way to get out from under overwhel … Read more »

  • Voluntary Surrender. Should I Hand My Vehicle Back?

    Cars – coupes, sedans, sport utility vehicles, trucks.  Roughly two-thirds of the people who file insolvency with us own a vehicle. The vast majority want to keep their car when they file a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, but there are times when it makes more sense to give it back. It may be that … Read more »