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  • What Happens if You Miss a Mortgage Payment

    Canadian homeowners are increasingly struggling to keep up with monthly mortgage payments. Rising interest rates have more than doubled mortgage payments for some homeowners, and the high cost of real estate has led to larger mortgage loans. First-time home buyers may be struggling due to high house … Read more »

  • What To Do When Being Sued for Credit Card Debt in Canada

    When you owe money on your credit card, your credit card company can send your account to a collection agency or pursue legal action through the court. If you are behind on credit card payments and facing the possibility of being sued for credit card debt, the most important thing is not to panic. I … Read more »

  • A Senior Debt Crisis – Credit Cards and Payday Loans

    By the time you approach retirement age, conventional wisdom says you should be out of debt, having paid off your credit cards, mortgage, and other debts, and hopefully, having accumulated some savings for retirement. Unfortunately, the rising cost of living presents a significant challenge for seni … Read more »

  • Payday Loan in Collection? What to Do Next.

    Owing money on a payday loan can be daunting, but this is especially true if you can’t repay your payday loan on time. These short-term, high-cost loans seem like a quick solution to money needs – they don’t require a credit check and are typically due by your next payday. However, missing a payment … Read more »

  • Should Rent Be a Part of a Credit Score?

    In a country where owning a home seems like a distant dream for many young Canadians, the federal government is proposing legislation to protect renters’ rights and make housing more attainable for millennial and Gen Z renters. According to Statistics Canada, in 2021, there were 5 million renter hou … Read more »