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  • On the Cybersecurity Front: Volt Typhoon and Warzone RAT

    The disruption of a botnet and the seizure of internet domains selling a remote access trojan have recently turned the cybersecurity focus on the detection of stealth methods deployed by state sponsored and financially motivated actors. Described as the defining threat of our generation a botnet kno … Read more »

  • Search Warrants and the Doctrine of Severance

    The right of all Canadians to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure protects the right to privacy from unjustified state intrusion. The purpose of the right requires that unjustified searches be prevented before they happen and not merely condemned after the fact. This can only be accomp … Read more »

  • Purpose and Prejudice in Charter Litigation

    The meaning of a constitutional right is ascertained by an analysis of the purpose underpinning the right. Purpose is understood in light of the interests a right is meant to protect. In a case winding its way through the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta at Calgary, Alberta, an application judge hel … Read more »

  • The Spy Hunter and a Russian Oligarch

    A former counterspy has been sentenced to prison by a New York court for his unlawful work for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. When he entered the guilty plea to violating U.S. sanctions against Russia stemming from its aggression in Ukraine he told the court he knew his investigative work for the … Read more »

  • The Dangers of QR Codes

    A jumble of squares in a grid is what the consumer sees when looking at QR codes. The simplicity makes them attractive to scammers who embed them with URLs containing custom malware or direct the user to a phishing site. But QR codes serve another purpose beyond facilitating consumer transactions. T … Read more »