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  • Tricks, Trash And Privacy

    Canadian constitutional law is replete with tricks and schemes conjured by the police to elicit incriminating statements, gain access to private information and seize physical evidence from unwitting targets. The police may passively surveil our daily activities or stage chance encounters with under … Read more »

  • Fentanyl And The Public Interest

    In a post to On The Wire titled Fentanyl Trafficking In Alberta dated March 30, 2019, I discussed the sentence of seven years imprisonment imposed on Patrick Felix by Justice Brian Burrows, in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, at Fort McMurray, for wholesale fentanyl trafficking indexed as R v … Read more »

  • Under The Weight Of The State

    On January 7, 2020, the Ontario Court of Appeal released two unanimous opinions involving serious violations of the Charter of Rights by the police. In one case, the court reversed convictions for child pornography offences and ordered a new trial. In the other, convictions for drug and firearm offe … Read more »

  • Crooked House

    On December 3, 2018, suppression orders were lifted on an Australian case that blew the lid off the justice system in Victoria. It was revealed that a criminal lawyer had acted as an informant providing information to the police about hundreds of suspects including her own clients. The scandal promp … Read more »

  • Bugs And Betrayers

    Betrayal. An unsavoury, but persistent feature of human relations. Friends turn, confidants disclose, trusted allies deceive and forsake. When recruited by the police, betrayers may become informants. Their reports may be akin to schoolyard tattles or engage matters of life and death. Informants can … Read more »