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  • 306 Making an ally: How to capitalize on your discomfort zone

    Allyship isn’t always a walk in the park. Have you ever wanted to be an ally to someone or to a group but feared infringing on or taking up space in that particular marginalized community? How do you find the balance between getting involved and being potentially reduced to a more vulnerable role wi … Read more »

  • 305 The long game: Putting ongoing D&I goals into action

    From unconscious bias to inclusive language, there will always be work to do when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Are you or your organization looking to start a diversity and inclusion initiative? Take a listen to this week’s episode of Diversonomics, where our co-hosts speak … Read more »

  • 304 To affinity & beyond: Managing diversity & inclusion in the workplace

    When one thinks of traditional roles within a law firm or within other organizations, the role of diversity & inclusion manager is not usually top of mind — but it should be. In fact, Gowling WLG is one of the first law firms in Canada to hire a dedicated D&I manager. In this episode of Diversonomic … Read more »

  • 303 True inclusion: Is treating everyone the same a help or a hindrance?

    What is true inclusion? We all have a general understanding of what it means to us, subjectively — but does treating people how we want to be treated actually equate to being inclusive? The answer may surprise you. Take a listen as our co-hosts Roberto Aburto and Sarah Willis talk to Michael Bach, f … Read more »

  • 302 Mask off: The importance of mental health first aid

    Health isn’t really just about your physical health — it encompasses many components. It’s how we are doing physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. The goal of being healthy is to maintain a state of positive well-being that allows you to find balance in your life. Tune in as host Roberto … Read more »