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  • Mx Lee Nevens

    Marking Access to Justice Week and LGBTQ History Month in Canada with the launch of a new season of Conversations with the President. In his first episode, CBA President Steeves Bujold welcomes Mx Lee Nevens to talk about ways to improve access to justice and reality, quite simply, for trans and non … Read more »

  • Put Your Best Into Everything You Do with Justice Mahmud Jamal

    Justice Mahmud Jamal of the Supreme Court of Canada in conversation with CBA President Stephen Rotstein. Links:Spider Woman by Lady Hale | Penguin Random House CanadaOntario Chief Justice says ideal of the ‘gladiator’ courtroom lawyer destructive to mental health – The Globe and Mail … Read more »

  • ESG and Positive Change for ALL in the 21st Century with Marc-André Blanchard

    Here’s CBA President Stephen Rotstein in Conversation with Marc-André Blanchard. They touch on a variety of topics including Me Blanchard’s multifaceted career, Environmental & Social Governance and Sustainability, as well as the impact the Pandemic has had, and is having on the legal profession. Ma … Read more »

  • Economic Reconciliation with Geordie Hungerford

    Geordie Hungerford is a Gwich’in of the Northwest Territories and Yukon and has quite possibly the most diverse professional background of any of the guests so far in Stephen Rotstein’s Conversations with the President podcast series.Geordie holds an MBA and an MA (East Asian Studies/Chinese) from S … Read more »

  • Advocate for Change – Caitlin Urquhart

    How to put the volunteer into your career. CBA President Stephen Rotstein welcomes Caitlin Urquhart, dedicated Newfoundland & Labrador community builder and ecology advocate. Caitlin is this year’s recipient of the Douglas Miller Rising Star Award. The Douglas Miller Rising Star Award recognizes an … Read more »