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  • Are Paramedics Covered For Injury/PTSD If They Start a Shift Early?July 13, 2017

    Many paramedics show up for their shifts up to half an hour early. They do this so that the crew they are relieving don’t get assigned a call in the last 5-10 minutes of the shift and then have to do 2 or 3 hours of overtime. Even paramedics who are not receiving another crew sometimes come to work … Read more »

  • Can Marriage Contracts Force Spouses to Pay Money For an Affair?June 24, 2017

    Many spouses get marriage contracts, before or after the wedding, to provide predictability on separation and to make the marriage, and any separation “more fair.”  Common law couples use “cohabitation agreements” to do the same things.  The video and podcast below explain marriage contracts and coh … Read more »

  • Am I Responsible For My Spouse’s Bad Investments If We Divorce?June 24, 2017

    On the breakdown of a marriage (but not a common law relationship), spouses “equalize” their assets and liabilities and share, with some exceptions, the growth in their net worth during the marriage.  The video below explains “Equalization of Net Family Property” in greater detail. Many separating s … Read more »

  • Do Ontario Private Elementary Schools Follow the Same Laws and Standards as Public Schools?April 24, 2017

    Many parents send their children to Ontario Private (or Independent) Schools because they want to make sure their child gets a “superior education.”  There are many private schools that do offer very good or excellent education or that have programs that are particularly suited to certain students.  … Read more »

  • How Do I Change My Child Support and Visitation/Access?April 20, 2017

    Things change for families and separated families.  Parents change jobs, kids get older and their interests change, financial circumstances rise and fall.   Especially when it comes to kids, Ontario Family Law recognizes that arrangements change over time.  When there has been a significant change i … Read more »