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  • Households, cottages and insurance!

    A household is thus a type of community, most readily understood by analogy to a family unit. Although a household is not synonymous with a family, the existence of a household is evidenced by the extent to which its members share the intimacy, stability, and common purpose characteristic of a funct … Read more »

  • HST Issues in Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Potential “Bad Bargains”

    The term “affordability crisis” is increasingly used to describe the real estate market. Given that purchase prices of properties in Toronto and Vancouver have been steadily rising, it is more important than ever to understand how the taxman figures into the process of buying real estate. In the con … Read more »

  • An interest in a Henson Trust is not an asset

    A type of discretionary trust known as a “Henson Trust” is often used in estate planning to provide for a beneficiary with disabilities.  It is particularly useful when the intended beneficiary might otherwise be entitled to receive financial support from government means-based programs, such as the … Read more »

  • ODSP Asset and Income Exemption Limits

    In late 2017, the Ontario government increased the income and asset exemption limits for eligibility under the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)[1].  Due to the often relentless demands on parents of children who have disabilities or other special needs, it is not surprising that even over a … Read more »

  • Case in Point: The Case of the Untrusting Uncle

    Our Case in Point series is a monthly blog written by David Shlagbaum, Senior Counsel/Facilitator and the Head of Pallett Valo’s Family Business Law Group. His series presents case studies focused on real life challenges faced by Family Businesses and Private Enterprises. While David regularly deals … Read more »

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