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  • Ready, Set, Certify – Canada’s New CyberSecure Canada Certification Program

    On August 12, 2019, the Canadian federal government announced CyberSecure Canada, a voluntary certification program to help small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) achieve a baseline of cybersecurity. SMEs that demonstrate compliance with specified baseline cybersecurity controls, based on an audit by … Read more »

  • Managing Insider Risk – Recent Best Practices Guidance

    Employees and other insiders are a major security risk. A significant portion of cybersecurity incidents are caused or facilitated by the affected organization’s insiders, whether acting inadvertently or intentionally. Organizations should assess their insider risk management program for compliance … Read more »

  • Cybersecurity Guidance for Small and Medium Organizations

    Small and medium organizations are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals, but often have limited financial and human resources available to implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures. In March 2019, the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security issued Baseline Cyber Security Controls for Small … Read more »

  • Privacy Breach Response – Prevention of Future Breaches

    Canadian privacy commissioners have emphasized the importance of the final step of a privacy breach response process — prevention and lessons learned. The recent decision by the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Ari v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia confirms that an organization’s failu … Read more »

  • Investment Funds Institute of Canada Issues Cybersecurity Guide

    In February 2019, the Investment Funds Institute of Canada issued a Cybersecurity Guide to help its members develop a robust cybersecurity program. The Guide is consistent with guidance issued by other financial industry regulators, and is a useful reminder of cybersecurity best practices for organi … Read more »