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  • BCCA denies access to total costs spent on a litigation matter

    On August 21st, the Court of Appeal for British Columbia held that a requester had not rebutted the presumption of privilege that applied to the total amount spent by government in an ongoing legal dispute.  The Court first held that the presumptive privilege for total legal costs recognized by the … Read more »

  • IPC wades into shadow IT mess, may never again

    The Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario issued a decision about a security incident on July 9th in which it made clear, after participating in a health information custodians’ efforts to recover lost data, that this burden falls on custodians alone. The incident involved a clinician at an u … Read more »

  • Arbitration board dismisses spoliation motion

    On May 6th, the Ontario Grievance Settlement Board dismissed a union motion for the ultimate spoliation remedy – granting of a grievance based on an abuse of process. The Union made its motion in a seemingly hard fought discipline and discharge case. The Union’s pursuit of electronically stored info … Read more »

  • Let’s help our public health authorities by giving them data

    This was not the title of the panel I sat on at the Public Service Information Community Connection virtual “confab” today, though it does show the view that I attempted to convey. John Wunderlich moderated a good discussion that involved Frank Work, Ian Walsh and me. When I haven’t yet formed ideas … Read more »

  • “Employee’s” signature accessible to public – NLCA

    On June 3rd, the Court of Appeal for Newfoundland and Labrador held that the signature of an “employee” who authorized a vacation leave payout to a senior administrator at a college campus in Qatar was accessible to the public even though the individual was hired by Qatar, and not the College. The m … Read more »