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  • Records stored on legacy system not “records” for FOI purposes

    On January 27th, the IPC/Ontario held that records stored only on a legacy backup system were not “records” accessible under Ontario’s public sector access statute. The requester asked for all records that showed access by a named employee to their own and their spouse’s service department records a … Read more »

  • NSCA says no expectation of privacy in address information

    On January 28th the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal dismissed a privacy breach allegation that was based on a municipality’s admitted disclosure of address information to a related service commission so the service commission could bill for certain statutorily mandated charges. The Court held there w … Read more »

  • Good quotes on the impossibility of “ensuring” security and achieving zero risk

    I blogged about Arbitrator Sudykowski’s decision in Providence Health when it was released in 2011 for its ratio – employers are entitled to more than a bare medical certification when an employee is absent from work. I had occasion to use the case in a matter I argued yesterday, and was pleasantly … Read more »

  • Organization stumbles into BYOD nightmare

    Hat tip to investigation firm Rubin Thomlinson for bringing an illustrative British Columbia arbitration decision to my attention. The remarkable April 2019 case involves an iPhone wiped by an employee’s wife mid-investigation! The iPhone was owned by the employer, but it set it up using the employe … Read more »

  • Broutzas narrowed, privacy action certified, uncertainty abounds

    On January 6th, Justice Morgan certified a class proceeding that was based on a nurse’s unauthorized access to very basic personal health information – patient status and allergy information – so she could obtain prescription drugs. Although there were no damages to support a negligence claim, Justi … Read more »