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  • Important Documents to Disclose in Your Family Law Case

    It is incredibly important for parties to make sure that they make proper financial disclosure for their family law matters. Disclosure is very important for determining a party’s income and assets, which are important for resolving many family law issues such as child support, spousal support, and … Read more »

  • Calculating Guideline Income with Restricted Stock Units

    When parties get a divorce, they must determine issues concerning the children, such as child support and parental responsibilities. If the parties have a clear sense of the payor’s income, then determining the base child support amount is a relatively straightforward procedure. However, challenges … Read more »

  • How Are Pensions Divided After A Divorce?

    After a divorce, the parties will need to settle on or obtain a determination on how to divide family assets, which can include real property, valuable items, bank account balances, and other monetary assets like a pension. Pensions are treated slightly differently than other types of family assets … Read more »

  • Are Settlement Proceeds Exempt From Family Property Division?

    One of the key issues that parties face in a divorce is how to divide property. Generally, any property held by one or more parties is considered family property to be divided equally between the parties. Notably, this means that even if the property is held solely by one party, it could still be co … Read more »

  • Can Child Support Be Reduced If Access Costs Are High?

    After a divorce, it can be challenging to decide where the children will reside. If one parent wants to move away with the children, it can be challenging for the other parent to make regular visits. Decisions concerning where the children will live if they move away are called mobility decisions. T … Read more »