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  • “Bad Faith” and the Imputation of Income in Alberta

    A recent decision of the Alberta Court of Appeal has called long-standing authorities on child support and variation into question, particularly around the concepts of support when parenting is shared equally, under-employment and “bad faith”. In the case at hand, the mother and father had a brief r … Read more »

  • Divorce Act Reforms Delayed due to COVID-19

    A number of anticipated reforms to the federal Divorce Act scheduled to be implemented on July 1 have now been delayed, according to an announcement dated June 5 from Justice Minister David Lametti. The reason for the delay was cited as the still-lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic: “The COVI … Read more »

  • Canadian Courts & the Enforcement of Foreign Wedding Contracts

    In Canada, it is very common for couples getting married, or even moving in together, to create a contract setting out how their property will be treated should they split in the future. So long as the contract meets the standards for a valid contract in each province, most would be enforceable acro … Read more »

  • The Enforceability of Arbitration Awards Across Provincial Borders

    Parties are increasingly turning to alternative dispute methods to resolve family disputes, especially in recent months as courts have been largely closed to all but the most urgent matters. Arbitration and mediation have long been ways for parties to resolve their matters while still benefitting fr … Read more »

  • Emergency Protection Orders on the Rise During COVID-19

    While Canadians have largely been staying at home since mid-March in order to promote public safety during the COVID pandemic, staying at home hasn’t been the safe option for many. A byproduct of staying indoors has unfortunately been an increase in domestic violence in many areas of the country. As … Read more »