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  • Saskatchewan Court Rules in Favour of Father Seeking to Vaccinate Minor Child

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be the basis for a significant number of parenting disputes between co-parents who share decision-making ability over their children post-divorce or separation. In March, we wrote about an Ontario case in which a father’s access to his children was limited due to h … Read more »

  • Mother Seeks To Move Provinces With Children; Father Opposes

    When it comes to matters related to separation or divorce for parents, parenting time can be one of the most difficult to resolve. This can be true when the parents live in the same city. However, when one parent looks to move to a different city, province, or country, a whole new series of disagree … Read more »

  • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 2021

    After the initial discovery of 215 graves at a former residential school in Kamloops, BC, the federal government fast-tracked a bill to officially recognize September 30th as Truth and Reconciliation Day in Canada. Going forward, this day, September 30th, will be marked as a day to learn and reflect … Read more »

  • Alberta Recognizes New Tort, Public Disclosure of Private Facts

    We have previously written about the scourge of revenge porn and the mental impact it can have on victims who have had their most intimate images and videos shared online without their consent. Part of the issue with revenge porn that makes it so insidious is the fact that it can be extremely diffic … Read more »

  • What to Expect in Family Mediation

    As part of the recent overhaul of Canada’s Divorce Act, there are new obligations placed on parties to family disputes, and their lawyers, to pursue alternative means of dispute resolution whenever possible before turning to litigation in court. The reasons behind the change emphasize the fact that … Read more »