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  • Something to Twitter About…March 29, 2017

    ♫ Don’t hold me back I want to feel vulnerable. Disregard everything that I’ve been told. Don’t blend in stand out and be bold. Today’s the day that we break the mold… ♫ Lyrics, music and recorded by Austin Jones.   The Provincial Court of BC will break the mold for the 2nd time and hold a second Tw … Read more »

  • Lawyers and Heart DiseaseJanuary 23, 2017

    ♫ Oh but workin’ too hard can give you a heart attack You oughta know by now… ♫             Music, Lyrics and recorded by: Billy Joel. In December 2014, Edward Greenspan, one of Canada’s most famous criminal defence lawyers, died at age 70 from heart failure, ironically while on holiday. He is not a … Read more »

  • 2016 Clawbies – Hall of Fame AwardDecember 31, 2016

    ♫ Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay And the voices rang like the angels sing We’re singing, ay oh ay oh ay oh ay And we danced on into the night Ay oh ay oh, ay oh ay oh And we danced on into the night…♫ Lyrics and music by: Chad Kroeger, recorded by Santana.     First let me say congratulations to all the 2016 … Read more »

  • 2017 Predictions Part 3December 27, 2016

    ♫ Ain’t nothing gonna change Ain’t nothing gonna change Till we learn to get together And see who we really are…♫ Lyrics and music by: O. V. Akintimehin, D. Merriweather, A. W. Blakemore, recorded by Daniel Merriweather. In this third and final instalment, we have predictions from: Ben Stevens Joe K … Read more »

  • Happy Holidays!December 24, 2016

    ♫ Christmas eve will find you Where the love light gleams I’ll be home for Christmas If only in my dreams…♫ Music and lyrics by: Buck Ram, Kim Gannon, Walter Kent, recorded by Bing Crosby. At this time of year we would wish you and yours the very best of the Holiday Season – no matter which event yo … Read more »