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  • Online Reviews for Lawyers: Get More Reviews & Clients

    Before the internet (and even during the early days), word of mouth was one of the most powerful endorsements that a business could receive from which to enjoy new revenue. Referral sources are still an excellent source for generating new business. But in the digital era, online reviews for lawyers … Read more »

  • Blogging for Lawyers: 12 Tips for Writing Great Legal Blogs

    Writing a good legal blog can be more challenging for some attorneys than others. If you’re new to blogging or you’ve done it in the past and haven’t seen much success with it then you might be wondering if blogging for lawyers is even worth the time and effort.  If your goal is to attract and sign … Read more »

  • 90+ SEO Stats & Factors: Local SEO and Legal Marketing Study

    IntroductionBlogging Statistics & Impacts on SEO PerformanceOn-Page SEO Factors & KeywordsKeyword DensityTitle & H1 Tag Length vs Ranking PositionURL Length vs Ranking PositionKeyword Optimization in Title, H1 & SubheadingsHomepage vs Inner Page RankingsContent Length & Word CountPage SpeedWebsite F … Read more »

  • 7 Tips to Start Your Virtual Law Firm

    You’re looking to start a virtual law firm and you’re wondering about the practical steps involved in doing so. After all, it’s a relatively new concept and the majority of established firms are brick and mortar-based.  So, first of all, what is a virtual law firm? A virtual law firm is a business w … Read more »

  • 13 Free Law Firm Marketing Options & Ideas

    Experienced lawyers and seasoned litigators can offer excellent services, but if no one knows about your firm or can’t find you – like a needle in a haystack – then attracting and signing clients can seem immensely challenging. There are many ways to get clients, paid and organic, but in this articl … Read more »