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  • 19 Best Keywords for Personal Injury Lawyers

    When lawyers talk to each other outside of work, from different firms, they’re bound to get curious and ask friendly competitors what’s working well for them and what’s not – especially when it comes to how they’re generating new clients and cases. If you’ve ever been in one of these conversations, … Read more »

  • 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Law Firm Domain Name in 2020

    The only way potential clients can find your website is through your web address – your domain. Many lawyers have web hosting accounts chock-full of domain names as they see it as a defensive competitive strategy to own and hold domains against their competitors. Indeed, this can be a smart tactic. … Read more »

  • How Much Should Law Firm SEO Cost?

    There are so many companies and freelancers today, legit and otherwise trying to sell SEO services and we see a range of prices being thrown around. Many lawyers see value in pursuing SEO and search as a way to seriously step up their law firm’s marketing and growth. However, with so much noise and … Read more »

  • Profitable Facebook Ads for Injury Lawyers

    Social media is becoming more essential for businesses to be on in order to stay relevant in such a rapidly changing world. Among the many industries and types of businesses are law firms. Many lawyers that advertise on Facebook know they have someone running their ads, but don’t even know if it’s w … Read more »

  • Yelp for Lawyers – Case Study, Results & ROI

    It’s pretty common for people to associate Yelp with online reviews or even as the modern equivalent of Yellowpages. They developed a mixed reputation from users of the app as well as from business owners that list and advertise on the platform.  Many lawyers wonder if it’s an effective way to adver … Read more »