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  • 8 SEO Blogging Tips for Lawyers to Get More Traffic

    Blogging can play a significant role in your firm’s online marketing efforts. Lawyers that know how to use blogging effectively generate some massive results in terms of traffic from their website. A good amount of that can translate into new cases when done correctly. In this article, we’re going t … Read more »

  • 12 Things Law Firm Websites Use to Maximize SEO Results

    The SEO (search engine optimization) market in the United States is expected to reach $80 billion by 2020. Businesses large and small are investing more into organic, online traffic. The legal services industry is by far one of the most competitive verticals within search engine marketing, with an a … Read more »

  • The Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Lawyers

    One of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools at a lawyer’s disposal is one that many firms don’t even consider – email marketing. Email marketing can imply many different things, taking various forms. We’re used to emails that clutter our inboxes and lists from e-commerce websites tha … Read more »

  • Email Newsletters for Lawyers: Why and How to Start One

    Many law firms and attorneys have heard of the idea of newsletter and email marketing. It’s not a new concept to them. However, if you’ve recently been considering new methods for marketing cost effectively and generating more consistent results from your marketing, then you may have returned to the … Read more »

  • 8 Ways Lawyers Can Get Criminal Defense and DUI Clients

    Many areas of law are very competitive when it comes to fighting for market share and acquiring new clients. One of the most challenging areas of practice is criminal defense law. Many criminal lawyers will probably resonate with one or several of these points. By the end of this article, you’ll hav … Read more »