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  • SEO Guide for Lawyers: 23 Tips & Tactics to Win More Clients

    You may or may not have engaged search engine optimization services for your business in the past. Many law firms that generate a ton of cases online do. Many more have been jaded or burned by SEO either from an agency that didn’t deliver or they went the DIY route with little or no success.  Pullin … Read more »

  • 13 Ways to Increase Law Firm Lead Conversion Rates

    One of the least exciting areas of marketing is conversion rate optimization – the exercise of squeezing the most potential possible out of a website. The lawyer marketing industry is fiercely competitive and making some tweaks to a law firm’s website can help increase the number of leads and calls … Read more »

  • Law Firm SEO vs. PPC: Which Does Your Firm Need?

    When it comes to law firm marketing, the internet proves to be an increasingly valuable channel for law firms to generate new leads and cases. With that said, internet marketing spans a wide range of channels and strategies on its own. Two of the largest strategies include SEO and PPC. Many firms ha … Read more »

  • 8 Ways to Get Personal Injury Leads & Clients

    When it comes to finding leads and acquiring clients for personal injury cases, it’s almost certain to be expensive. Especially when you compare it to other types of cases generation such as family law, small property transactions, wills & estates. We’re talking between hundreds and sometimes even l … Read more »

  • A Guide to Marketing Solo and Small Law Firms

    There’s a lot of noise out in the ether about advertising and marketing strategies for solo attorneys and small law firms. If your practice is trying to grow, explore new channels or discover new marketing channels to develop stable sources for leads and cases, then this article is for you. Addition … Read more »