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  • The 13 Best WordPress Plugins for Law Firms

    If your law firm’s website is built on WordPress, or you’re planning on building it with WordPress, then you’ve made a wise choice. This means your site is highly extensible in terms of its functionality and with the right plugins, you can turn it into a powerful marketing and business tool. In this … Read more »

  • 8 Content Writing Tips for Lawyers

    If you’re looking for ways to produce more, high quality legal content to attract more clients and develop business, then you’re not alone. Lawyers are always looking for new ways and opportunities to increase business and sign up more cases. Content is an excellent way to do just that. However, kno … Read more »

  • What Makes a Good Law Firm Website? 13 Tips & Best Practices

    There are many aspects and moving parts of your law firm’s website. How many moving parts depends on the various functions you wish it to serve. Because modern websites are so extensible, they can be integrated with a myriad of plugins, themes, third-party applications (like Clio, LawPay, etc.) that … Read more »

  • How Long Does it Take to Design a Law Firm Website? | Timeline + Process

    Your website is an important part of your law firm’s marketing strategy and professional image. Legal sites come in many shapes and forms, serving a myriad of purposes. So having your firm’s website designed and developed, many attorneys wonder about the timeline and process. How long does it take t … Read more »

  • 12 Marketing Ideas for Personal Injury Attorneys

    Personal injury law firms are always looking for new ways to market their services. Many of them wonder how to market themselves and their law firm. The good news is there’s no shortage of ways to promote your law firm and attract new clients. In this article, we’ve rounded up a dozen of the top way … Read more »