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  • New Sick Day Rules Draw Criticism as Coronavirus Fears Grow

    The Ontario Employment Standards Act was changed again in 2019. After just a year, our last post on sick days was rendered out-dated by cuts to sick day entitlements for most Ontario workers. In place of 10 days of personal emergency leave (2 of which were paid), workers are now entitled to just 3 u … Read more »

  • Must Love Dogs: What does Ontario Law say about Guide Dogs, Service Animals and Take Your Pets to Work Policies?

    Hamilton’s Mayor Fred Eisenberger made news this week  when he asserted that he would have his dog (Dash) certified as a service animal in the face of a new no-pets rule at Hamilton City Hall. Though Mayor Eisenberger seems to have walked back this claim a little and is entitled to his medical priva … Read more »


    It seems like just days ago, we were reflecting on Moly Law’s first year in business. Now, we’re 2 years in! This year, we added a new lawyer (Hi Roberto Henriquez! ) and a new paralegal (Hi Raima Razzaq! ) to our team. LEGAL WORK IN 2019 Thanks to this amazing team, we’ve been able to grow our work … Read more »

  • Workplace Privacy Rights for the Digital Age

    Changes in technology are increasingly raising questions about workplace privacy. In the span of a single generation large parts of the world have moved to a previously unfathomable level of connectivity. With this same wave of advancing technology, the average employee’s life has become far more co … Read more »

  • Trans workers’ rights are human rights: Building trans inclusive workplaces

    On Trans Day of Remembrance, we remember lives lost to hateful violence or neglect. We also remember the role that we have to play in supporting trans folks in their pursuit of justice and liberation. Unfortunately, the workplace continues to be a site of violence and discrimination for many trans w … Read more »