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  • Is your workplace re-opening on May 19th? COVID-19 restrictions remain in place

    Many workplaces are now re-opening or expanding their operations again after 2 months of COVID-19 closures. Others have already re-opened. Workers and employers alike may be wondering: Is this business as usual? Is my workplace essential now? How do we work safely during COVID-19? NOTE: This post is … Read more »

  • CERB Info Sheet

    The CERB or Canada Emergency Response Benefit is a special benefit available to workers who have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even self-employed people or workers who have seen their income drop to $1,000 or less per month may be eligible for the CERB. Unsurprisingly, this new benef … Read more »

  • Privacy in the Time of COVID: Employee Privacy Rights when Working from Home

    Employee privacy during the COVID crisis is a major concern in workplaces across Canada. For the non-essential business, new rules have required the shut-down of the physical work site. These rules have resulted in temporary shutdowns and layoffs for some organizations. In contrast, those less depen … Read more »

  • We’re Hiring a Legal Assistant

    Molyneaux Law seeks a legal assistant to support a small law firm with a growing labour, employment and human rights law practice. This is a 1-year contract to cover a parental leave, starting in June 2020. The ideal candidate: Has excellent communication skillsHas experience working in an office se … Read more »

  • I’m working from home during COVID-19, what are my rights? Hours of Work

    The COVID-19 pandemic means that more people are working from home. For many people, this happened suddenly due to health and safety concerns or emergency orders to close all non-essential businesses. As we settle into this new routine (at least for a while), you may be wondering: does working from … Read more »