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  • Tondat v Hudson’s Bay Company: Occupiers’ Liability in Cases of Slips and FallsJune 1, 2018

    Spring is finally upon us and with the rising temperatures inevitably comes rain. It is not uncommon to find wet and slippery entryways in many high traffic areas around the city, including stores and restaurants, increasing the likelihood of slip and falls. Section 3(1) of the Occupiers’ Liability … Read more »

  • What is the Deductible and How Does it Affect Damage Awards?May 23, 2018

    When a victim is injured in a car accident, they are entitled to damages for pain and suffering, otherwise known as general damages. General damages are intended to compensate victims for losses that are not pecuniary, such as income loss or medical treatment costs. Pursuant to section 267.5 of the … Read more »

  • Waiving Away your Right to Sue: The Enforceability of WaiversMay 9, 2018

    With warmer weather finally on the horizon, Ontarians are enthusiastically heading outdoors to enjoy recreational activities such as rock-climbing, treetop rope courses, and skydiving simulators. Many of us will hardly reflect on the effect of signing a waiver before getting in line to enjoy these a … Read more »

  • 10 day notice periodApril 17, 2018

    “Sprinter” hit us this weekend. The ice storm in Toronto and the surrounding areas has resulted in cold, snow and ice. These conditions unfortunately increase the number of incidents occurring on municipal property, such as slip and falls on the sidewalk. Section 44(10) of the Municipal Act, 2001, m … Read more »

  • Scheduling Mediation in a Climate of DelayMarch 2, 2018

    A challenge currently facing the Plaintiff personal injury bar are the delays in obtaining a trial date. Personal injury plaintiffs who are injured, unable to work and require ongoing, expensive medical care now face significant wait times prior to the resolution of their case. At Bogoroch & Associa … Read more »