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  • What makes a good personal injury lawyer?

    The attributes that distinguish a good personal injury lawyer include trial experience, knowledge of the law, and compassion. Trial experience: You must retain a fierce advocate who will diligently and expeditiously advance your case in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome for you.   Altho … Read more »

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Medical Negligence by a Doctor

    Ms. Friendly* retained Bogoroch & Associates LLP on March 25, 2010. In June 2009, Ms. Friendly underwent a surgery performed by Dr. Paul*. Following the surgery, Ms. Friendly developed a bowel perforation, setting in motion a long chain of events resulting in serious physical and psychological limit … Read more »

  • What Is My Claim Worth?

    The following guide provides a framework for understanding how, and why, victims are compensated for their injuries in Ontario. The central principle dictating how much an injured party is awarded is called the ‘principle of loss’. Accordingly, injured parties can expect to be given awards for what … Read more »

  • Jury trials are suspended until May 3, 2021

    In response to the rising COVID-19 cases, a declaration of Emergency was made on January 12, 2021, for all of Ontario. With the declaration of Emergency came new provincial restrictions on January 14, 2021. In light of these restrictions, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has suspended jury tria … Read more »

  • Occupiers’ Liability Act Amendment: Notice Period for Snow and Ice-Related Claims is shortened

    Ontarians are all too familiar with the hazards of winter conditions, which is why we expect occupiers to clear the snow and ice on the properties they are responsible for. This expectation is codified in the Occupiers’ Liability Act, which requires occupiers to take such care to see that people on … Read more »