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  • How We Set Goals in 2021

    Darlene and Mike discuss a new way to set goals. The process is a mix of their 2019 approach (inspired by Jack Canfield) and Colin Tipping’s philosophy in his book Radical Manifestation. PLUS: Mike is a know-it all (again), and the problem with fruit stickers. SHOW NOTES: Jack Canfield’s goal settin … Read more »

  • Best Of 2020

    Darlene and Mike put 2020 to bed by revisiting the conversations they shared on the podcast. PLUS: Mike’s favourite show of 2020, an (unfortunate) musical contribution from Mike’s kids, and Darlene gets choked up. Remember to visit and use the code “LAWYERLIFEPOD” for 20% off! FEEDBACK … Read more »

  • A Lawyer, Among Other Things ft. Graham MacLennan

    Darlene and Mike are joined by Graham MacLennan (lawyer, host of the Cheftimony podcast) to discuss lawyers that follow their passions, and find fulfillment outside of their day job. PLUS: Mike’s office fridge, how to clean your cast iron pan, and food talk! LINKS: Check out Graham’s podcast here: h … Read more »

  • Short Episode, Big Announcement

    Darlene and Mike are “joined by a special guest” to make a big announcement. PLUS: Darlene goes for a power walk, Mike compares himself to Michael Barbaro (for all the wrong reasons), and the holiday season starts early on the pod. FEEDBACK, CREDITS & REVIEW Please give us feedback here: http://bit. … Read more »

  • 2020 Presidential Election Special ft. David Moscrop

    Darlene and Mike are joined by David Moscrop to discuss the 2020 Presidential Election. The group discuss the rule of law, lawyer ethics, and the health of democracy more generally (no pressure!). PLUS: Beards, past-tense texting, and early holiday decorations. SHOW NOTES Learn more about David here … Read more »