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  • Ep 138 Dissecting the National Cyber Threat Assessment (NCTA), Pt 1

    Leah sits down with Dr. Christopher Parsons of Citizen Lab to dig into the biggest cyber security threats facing Canada in Part 1 of our discussion of the Canadian Cyber Centre’s 2020 National Cyber Threat Assessment (NCTA). Leah and Chris cover threats to critical infrastructure, ransomware, encryp … Read more »

  • Ep 137 National Security Prosecutions Round-Up

    Once again, Leah, Jess and Mike sit down for Part II of catching up on a busy summer of national security criminal cases. They look at: the ongoing case against Cameron Ortis; a guilty plea in a terrorism case out of Kingston (did we ever figure out what that RCMP plane was doing?); and an update in … Read more »

  • Ep 136 The "Evidence-to-Podcast Dilemma"

    After the inevitable “beginning of the academic year” pause, Season 4 of INTREPID continues. In this episode, Leah West, Jess Davies and Mike Nesbitt begin to go through a busy summer’s worth of national security cases. They start with the Abu Huzayfah terrorism hoax charge, then two travel-related … Read more »

  • Ep 135 Muskoka Chair Charter Chats Ch 6 — Equality Rights and Constitutional Remedies

    We’re back with Carissima Mathen and the last of our special summer series of “explainers” on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Today, Carissima walks us through two last issues: the equality rights in section 15 of the Charter; and the two remedies sections, section 52 of the Constitutio … Read more »

  • Ep 134 Muskoka Chair Charter Chats Ch 5: (Most of) The Legal Rights

    We’re back with chapter 5 of our Muskoka Chair Chats on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In this episode, Carissima Mathen from the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, guides us through the Charter “legal rights”, with a focus on sections 9 to 14 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These rea … Read more »