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  • Guest Post: Getting the Most Out of Your Remote Team

    We have a Guest Post by Tina Martin, creator and blogger of Ideaspired with some tips if you’re thinking about creating a remote team and how to get the most of it: Getting the Most Out of Your Remote Team You may find, if you’re launching a small business, that having a remote team or staff is not … Read more »

  • Grief and Loss as a Lawyer

    Dealing with the grief of the death of a loved one is never easy, but as a lawyer, or a young professional for that matter, it’s stressful. As a lawyer, you’re put into a role where you’re expected to manage a whole bunch of files, and everyone is looking to you to comfort them through their challen … Read more »

  • Ginny’s List of Law Associations and Legal Networking groups accessible to the GTA

    I remember getting Called to the Bar, looking for job positions, and trying to find every possible legal or young professional networking event I could get to and ensure I hadn’t missed joining any associations that were free or low cost to join. Here is my list of associations and resources I’ve us … Read more »

  • Steps to be a Notary Public in Ontario

    Following from my 5 Things you need to do as soon as you get Called-to-the-Bar in Ontario, you may want to apply to become a Notary Public so that you can certify documents in addition to your commissioner abilities. Lawyers are by virtue of office, commissioners as well so you do not need to apply … Read more »

  • Young lawyer deals with the pandemic in a small old fashioned firm

    What’s it like being a new lawyer and interim associate at a boutique firm that has existed long enough to have a volume of files pre-existing the real digital file age and clients without technology capabilities and resources for remote access during a pandemic? At the end of last year, I found out … Read more »