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  • Ontario Bankruptcy Exemptions in 2020: FAQs About the Assets You Keep

    Can Ontario’s bankruptcy exemptions protect your most valuable assets? Indeed, they can. One of the most pervasive myths about bankruptcy is that you cannot file when you have assets you’d like to keep. This is simply not true. The purpose of bankruptcy is to afford you a fresh start, unencumbered b … Read more »

  • Is Ontario Bankruptcy the Only Option

    Did you know that an Ontario bankruptcy is not your only option when you have too much debt? It’s true…you actually have three main options. And…did you know that the only person to help you with all three options is a licensed insolvency trustee? You may wonder…why a licensed insolvency trustee? Is … Read more »

  • How Can I Get Emergency Financial Assistance in Ontario?

    You’re in the middle of a money crisis and you need emergency financial assistance right now. Maybe you or someone you care for has Covid-19 or been exposed to it. You may be between jobs or out of work for the moment. Perhaps you’re looking for a rent assist program as you can’t find a place to sta … Read more »

  • The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada – What You Need to Know

    The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada (BIA) is a nationwide statute. The BIA regulates bankruptcy and insolvency across Canada. It defines the legal bankruptcy process, among other things, to protect both individuals and their creditors. The BIA regulates: Bankruptcy Insolvency Commercial prop … Read more »

  • Learn How to Avoid Financial Fraud and Covid

    The fight against the COVID pandemic has involved massive government support programs around the world. In Canada, CERB and CESB payments are being dispersed to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic. According to the Government of Canada, more than $2.94 billion in CESB payments have been mad … Read more »