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  • Homeowners Facing Increased Mortgage Payments and High-Interest Rates | Mortgage Renewal Options

    Thousands of mortgages come up for renewal every year in Canada. By March 2025, 31% of Canadian homeowner’s mortgages will be up for renewal. Mortgage rates have risen rapidly since March 2022 and as a result, many mortgage holders will see hefty increases in their interest rates and payments. If yo … Read more »

  • Canadian Business Bankruptcy Filings Reach a 10-Year High

    Business Bankruptcy in Canada is primarily governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA), a federal statute that provides the legal framework for Bankruptcies and insolvencies in the country. The BIA outlines various options for businesses facing financial distress, with Bankruptcy being one o … Read more »

  • Financial Literacy for Small Business

    Business financial literacy isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the foundation for the success of any business. While entrepreneurs may have brilliant ideas, unwavering determination, and a passion for their businesses, these qualities alone aren’t enough to guarantee success. Without a firm grasp of financ … Read more »

  • How Consumer Proposals Work and What Our Clients Say About the Process

    As Canadians finances are continuously under pressure, more are choosing to file a Consumer Proposal as a way to get relief from your unmanageable debt. This debt relief option is now considered the number one alternative to Bankruptcy. Government approved, this debt settlement program helps you get … Read more »

  • Financial Personality Types – Habits of the Rich vs the Poor

    Do you handle money differently than your family and friends? Are you ever surprised by their financial decisions or envious of what they’ve achieved with their money? If you are, your financial personality might differ from those in your family or social circle. Understanding the five main financia … Read more »