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  • Pet Custody Mediation Advantages in BC

    At the time of separation or divorce, many families find themselves struggling over the ownership and custody of their beloved family pet. Pet custody disputes arise. And for some families, the thought of spending thousands of dollars on legal fees fighting over the ownership and custody of a pet is … Read more »

  • Can You Get Child Support for A Disabled Adult in BC?

    In British Columbia, child support doesn’t necessarily end when a child reaches the age of 19.  While the most common reason for support continuing past that age is likely full-time attendance at a postsecondary educational institution, another frequently seen reason is that a child is unable to wit … Read more »

  • What is a Judicial Review in BC? Our Judicial Review Lawyers Explain

    If you do not like a decision made by a tribunal such the Residential Tenancy Branch, you may seek a judicial review of such decision. A judicial review is not an appeal. Rather, it is a mechanism that allows Courts to supervise administrative decision-makers. If the Court finds that a […] The post … Read more »

  • Imputing Income for Child or Spousal Support in BC

    Imputing income to a spouse under BC family law means that a judge believes a spouse or parent is either capable of earning more income, is is not reporting their true income from all sources. The judge sets an income for the payor which may be higher than the actual […] The post Imputing Income for … Read more »

  • What is the Start-Up Visa Program In Canada? BC Immigration Lawyer Explains

    The Start Up Visa Program is an immigration program that has gained a sudden spike in popularity in recent years. Announced in 2013, it allows individual entrepreneurs or groups of entrepreneurs looking to establish start-up businesses in Canada to obtain permanent residence in Canada if they secure … Read more »