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  • Pay Transparency and Uniformity at My Law Firm

    In January 2023, all my law firm associates, partners and myself decided to disclose how much we get paid. Here is how and why pay transparency and uniformity started at YLaw. Pay Transparency Exists – Mostly Behind Closed Doors A few months ago one of the lawyers at YLaw told […] The post Pay Trans … Read more »

  • What Is Committeeship and How to Apply for It in BC

    In British Columbia, the term “committeeship” refers to adult guardianship. This is not to be confused with guardianship of a minor child. There are two types of committees: committee of the estate and committee of the person. In this blog post, I will explain why your loved one may need […] The pos … Read more »

  • Can I Use Recordings Of My Children As Evidence In My Family Law Case?

    In high conflict parenting cases, there is sometimes the temptation to include video or audio recordings of the children or exchanges with the other parent.  It’s understandable why someone might want to do this whether it’s to protect themselves, collect evidence or prove a point. Usually when peop … Read more »

  • Can I Remove My Ex as a Guardian of our Child?

    When it comes to contentious parenting issues, this is one of the most frequently asked questions family lawyers will receive.  However, this question is often rooted in misunderstandings about what guardianship is, who is a guardian, and the likelihood of guardianship being terminated.  In order to … Read more »

  • My Parent Added My Sibling To Title And Then Passed Away. What Now?

    Do you have a parent who transferred a title to property into joint tenancy with someone else, such as one of your siblings? Did that person provide little to no consideration for the acquisition of the property? Has your parent now passed away and is that person claiming sole ownership […] The post … Read more »