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  • Federal Budget Allocates $101M for Canadian Winery Support

    Today’s Federal Budget included a spending announcement directed at Canadian wineries. Page 217 of the Budget Document indicates that the federal government proposes to provide $101 million over two years starting in 2022 to “implement a program for the wine sector that will support wineries in adap … Read more »

  • BC Hospitality Sector Severely Restricted by New Health Orders

    New Public Health Orders were issued yesterday which place severe restrictions on the business operations of the hospitality sector including wineries and liquor manufacturers. The new Orders were made verbally at a press conference by the Provincial Health Officer. They have now been published in a … Read more »

  • Latest BC Covid Public Health Orders for Wineries

    The following is a summary of the main Covid-related Public Health Orders which affect winery operations in BC. These orders change frequently. The links below take you to the actual written orders which set out the legal effects and requirements of each Order. Food and Liquor Serving Premises Order … Read more »

  • BC Makes Wholesale Pricing for Hospitality Industry Permanent; DTC from Off-Site Storage Returns

    Two significant developments in the liquor industry today. Firstly, the BC Government has made wholesale (i.e. normal) pricing for the hospitality industry permanent. This measure was introduced in July of last year on a temporary basis to assist the struggling industry and was set to expire at the … Read more »

  • Covid Regulatory Rabbit Holes: What is an Event?

    A revised BC Public Health Order related to “Gatherings and Events” was issued on February 10th by the Provincial Health Officer. In respect of the hospitality sector, the Gathering and Events Order supplements an earlier Food and Liquor Serving Premises Order which was issued on December 30, 2020. … Read more »