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  • Crisis Hits the BC Wine Industry

    I have been involved professionally in the BC wine industry since 2008. Since that time, the industry has grown exponentially and has enjoyed considerable international recognition. While there have been some bumps and challenges along the way, the intervening years have generally been “golden” year … Read more »

  • Don’t Let Anti-Alcohol Grinches Ruin Your Holidays

    As the holiday season approaches, most wine lovers will look forward to socializing with friends and family in the days ahead. For many of us, these valuable social interactions will include a glass of wine. Such gatherings have been part of civilization for thousands of years. They provide pleasure … Read more »

  • Canada’s Drinking Guidelines Have NOT Changed

    The mainstream and industry media continues to report that Canada’s “low risk drinking guidelines” have changed and that they have been reduced to “two drinks per week”. If true, this would be a dramatic reduction from the previous guidelines which were 15 drinks per week for men and 10 drinks per w … Read more »

  • Canadian Alliance for Responsible Drinking Launches to Provide Sensible Info on Alcohol/Health Issues

    The Canadian Alliance for Responsible Drinking (CARD) has officially launched to provide sensible information on alcohol & health issues. CARD\’s mission is to provide unbiased information and education that encourages responsible consumption and reduces harmful consumption. It’s an important object … Read more »

  • Global Wine Law Experts Coming to the Okanagan

    It\’s been a tough year in the Okanagan for multiple reasons (winter freeze, wildfires). Wineries continue to struggle with these and other challenging issues. However, on the positive side, Kelowna will be hosting an international gathering of wine law experts at the end of September. For the first … Read more »