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  • 2021 BC Liquor & Hospitality Industry Health Order Update

    Unfortunately, the Public Health Orders (PHOs) that have been issued in BC in response to the Covid19 pandemic continue to cause confusion for the general public and for affected industries including the liquor and hospitality industry. The following discussion provides an updated analysis for the B … Read more »

  • BC Wine & Hospitality Industry: Public Health Order Update

    There has been some confusion recently on the content and effects of the recent Public Health Orders (PHOs) that have been issued in response to the Covid19 pandemic. The following discussion attempts to alleviate some of that confusion for the BC wine and hospitality industry by setting out the con … Read more »

  • SAQ Threatens Canadian Wineries on DTC Shipments

    In the midst of a pandemic which has caused widespread economic pain for the Canadian wine industry, the SAQ (the Quebec liquor authority) has issued an information bulletin which threatens Canadian wineries outside Quebec with enforcement action if they direct ship wine to Quebec customers. The bul … Read more »

  • BC Extends Patio Service Area Expansions Until October 2021

    The BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch announced today that its earlier program to allow expanded service areas for liquor licensees (including winery tasting rooms and lounges) is being extended from its current end date of Oct 31, 2020 to Oct 31, 2021. This program allows for larger serving … Read more »

  • BC Hospitality Industry Calls for Revised and Focused Covid Response Measures

    In an open letter to the BC Provincial Health Officer and the BC Government, the members of the BC Technical Advisory Panel on Liquor Policy (“BTAP” – a group appointed by the BC government to advise on issues related to the liquor industry) have asked for reconsideration and modification of recent … Read more »