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  • Manslaughter Sentencing In Canada

    Sentences for manslaughter convictions vary widely and can be difficult to understand. The Canadian criminal system is complex, with a range of possible consequences that depend on the circumstances associated with each specific case. This article will provide an overview of manslaughter sentencing … Read more »

  • Criminal Harassment in Canada

    Criminal harassment is a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada. It is also sometimes referred to as “stalking.” Criminal harassment involves engaging in repeated, unwanted behaviour toward someone that causes that person to fear for their safety or for someone they know. Given that the … Read more »

  • Can Police Enter House Without a Warrant?

    Enter House Without Warrant In most cases police require a warrant to enter your house. However, police are allowed to enter your house without a warrant in certain situations, such as when they have reason to believe that there is an emergency inside. There are also other very limited circumstances … Read more »

  • How Criminal Charges are Classified in Canada

    When you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to understand how the courts and prosecutors classify criminal offences. This article will help you understand the severity of criminal offenses and what potential penalties you may face. In Canada, crimes are classified into three categories: Summ … Read more »

  • What is Domestic Violence? Is It Assault?

    The conduct, behaviour and injuries associated with domestic violence can span a range of offences similar to ordinary assaults. Although domestic violence or domestic assault are not officially terms that are defined or mentioned in the Canadian Criminal Code, but intimate partner violence is and h … Read more »