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  • Navigating ‘Invisible’ Injuries and Illnesses

    Earlier this month, CBC News Saskatoon published an article by Chandra Groves, a Saskatchewan woman who suffered a ‘mild-complicated traumatic brain injury’ (TBI) in a head-on motor vehicle accident several years ago. The article focuses on Groves’ experience with ‘invisible illnesses’ in the wake o … Read more »

  • Proving Insurance Fraud

    Alleging fraud is one of the thorniest issues that an insurance professional can face in the claim process. On a macro level, in Ontario alone it is estimated that insurance fraud annually costs 1.6 Billion dollars annually, a cost which inevitably is passed on to innocent policyholder by way of hig … Read more »

  • Should Canada Eliminate For-Profit Long-Term Care?

    On March 22, the federal NDP tabled a motion to eliminate for-profit long-term care facilities in Canada by 2030. The party pledged to work with provincial and territorial governments to set up new licensing frameworks, according to CityNews, and to collaborate with experts and LTC workers to create … Read more »

  • Will Davidson LLP Pursues Claim Against Sunnycrest Nursing Home

    In response to the massive toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on residents of Ontario’s nursing homes, Will Davidson LLP has initiated several COVID-19 class action lawsuits, including claims against large operators like Oxford Living, Extendicare, Schlegal Villages, and Southbridge, and against individu … Read more »

  • Trust in Canada’s Long-Term Care System is at an All-Time Low

    People in the know – healthcare advocates, medical malpractice lawyers, long-term care workers, residents and their families – have been aware of critical issues in Ontario’s long-term care system for years. Now, thanks to the slow-motion catastrophe that has played out in nursing homes and long-ter … Read more »