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  • 8 Notable Estates and Trusts Decisions of 2022

    As 2022 came to a close and we ushered in a new year, we thought it would be appropriate to reflect on some of the notable decisions that came out in the past twelve months and wish to share them with you. We hope you enjoy the read. Happy New Year! 1. Guest v Guest[1] Summary In December 2022, Albe … Read more »

  • Conflict of Laws and Validity of Trust

    1. Introduction Royal Trust Corporation of Canada v The Welfare Institution of the Jews of Athens[1] is a very interesting recent case. Not so much for its decision, which is unexceptional, but because of all the issues it raises: conflict of laws, the validity of a power of appointment, the validit … Read more »

  • What Happens When a Person Writes on Their Will?

    In the world of estate planning, it is a common occurrence for people to change and update their wills. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the strict formal requirements to create valid wills in Ontario, and can take steps that have unintended consequences. A frequent example of this occurs w … Read more »

  • Revisiting the “Armchair Rule” in Jonas v. Jonas

    On December 5, the Ontario Court of Appeal (“ONCA”) released its decision in the case of Jonas v. Jonas.[1] The appeal of the March 18, 2022 judgment of Justice Cory A. Gilmore of the Superior Court of Justice dealt with the interpretation of the last will and testament of a senior lawyer with exper … Read more »

  • The More Beds, Better Care Act, 2022

    Some recent news to share which may be noteworthy for those with loved ones who are currently in hospitals awaiting a bed in a long-term care home. On August 31, 2022, the Government of Ontario passed Bill 7, the More Beds, Better Care Act, 2022. The Bill has been enacted as Chapter 16 of the Statut … Read more »