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  • The Sherman Estate case reaches the Supreme Court

    The circumstances surrounding the tragic deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman remain a mystery; so too, do the heirs to their fortunes. This is because the estate trustees of Barry and Honey’s estates successfully applied to have their probate applications sealed, thus preventing the public from viewin … Read more »

  • Wills & Estate Practice in Difficult Times

    Wills & Estate Practice in Difficult Times Seminar. CLE for Lawyers Presented by The Trusts & Estates Group,Lawyers’ Division of B’nai Brith Canada. The post Wills & Estate Practice in Difficult Times appeared first on Wagner Sidlofsky – Toronto Law Firm. … Read more »

  • The In Terrorem Doctrine and Litigation of No-Contest Clauses in Wills

    There are certain situations in which one already knows that a Will is going to be challenged. It may be on the basis that there is some question about the testator’s capacity or his relationship with a new romantic partner who suddenly appeared or the bequests are unusual. Whatever the case might b … Read more »

  • Who will live and who will die

    Opposing counsel, Ron Bohm, was extremely effective in his responding submissions.  As I heard his arguments and saw the judge’s apparent receptiveness I feared the case was lost.  At issue was our respective clients’ arguments as to the validity of two different powers of attorney for personal care … Read more »

  • Can artificial intelligence make legal research more cost-effective without compromising quality?

    The way in which legal research is conducted has evolved significantly in the past few decades with the advent of vast online directories such as Westlaw, LexisNexis, and CanLII. However, the process remains time-consuming, costly, and demanding, given the increasing complexity of the law and volume … Read more »