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  • Second marriages and protecting your children

    Joseph was 60 years old when he lost his wife to cancer. Online he met an Israeli named Rebecca, a 40-year-old widow. They emailed each other, grew to care for one another and decided to marry. Rebecca and her children moved into Joseph’s home. The adult children from Joseph’s first marriage feared … Read more »

  • What? I need to keep receipts? The harsh reality that awaits the fiduciary who fails to account.

    An attorney for property (“POA”) risks personal liability for failing to keep records. Given the heightened level of responsibility, judges may draw an adverse inference when the POA does not produce proper records. This video reviews a case where the judge made the attorney give back almost 1/2 Mil … Read more »

  • What is a “child” Part II – Clash of the Toronto Islanders

    To most Torontonians, the Toronto Islands (the “Islands”) are known as a calm refuge away from the city,  featuring beaches and picnic areas with picturesque views of the city skyline a short ferry ride from the downtown core. Some may also be aware that the Islands are home to a small, tight knit c … Read more »

  • Who Gets Priority? Beneficiaries vs. Creditors of an Estate

    Significant debts owing by a deceased will often impact the gifts that were bequeathed to the estate’s beneficiaries. Sometimes, creditors’ priority over the estate’s assets means that beneficiaries only receive a fraction of what the deceased bequeathed to them. Other times, if the estate is insolv … Read more »

  • Rights of spouses and children during an intestacy

    What rights does the family have when the deceased has no will? Ontario law has evolved both in terms of the common law and the legislation to provide a structure for the inheritance rights of legally married spouses, children and common law spouses. There is some overlap in those rights and some bi … Read more »