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  • The Problem With Playing Hard-Ball

    Emily Hanberry In Mackie v. Crowther, 2019 ONSC 6431, the Court started off by nothing that “the facts of this case are simple yet outrageous.” The parties in this case had entered into a Consent Order in 2015 which dealt with the custody and parenting schedule for their then 9-year old daughter, Ke … Read more »

  • Why Did My Lawyer Terminate Their Services?

    Leigh Sherry A client is always free to terminate the services of their legal counsel, although sometimes it is not a good idea to do so immediately before a court hearing unless absolutely necessary.  However, a lawyer may also terminate services through two ways: 1) either an optional withdrawal i … Read more »

  • The Existing State of Status Quo in Parenting Hearings

    Leigh Sherry The term status quo in family law parenting applications has become a significant term.  When newly separated parents come to court for a parenting order, the Judge usually wants to know what the existing parenting arrangement is and was prior to separation. In PDB v AJB, 2020 ABQB 298, … Read more »

  • Pedestrian Injuries

    Mandeep Dhillon According to the City of Calgary pedestrian collision data, at least one person is hit by a vehicle each day in the city of Calgary[1]. What makes this statistic even worse is that pedestrians are amongst the most vulnerable accident victims, as they have no protection when a vehicle … Read more »

  • Can You Appeal a Judgement or Order from a Master?

    Thomas Neeser If you are not successful with an application in front of a Master, you may choose to file an Appeal. An Appeal of a Master’s decision is then reviewed by a Justice at the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench and may be reversed or changed. Standard of Review An Appeal of a Master’s Judgment … Read more »