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  • Elder Law Services in Vancouver, BC

    Comprehensive Estate Planning for Seniors in Vancouver For seniors in British Columbia, comprehensive estate planning is essential to ensure peace of mind and protect your independence and the needs of your loved ones. Vest Estate Lawyers in Vancouver offers a wide range of elder law services design … Read more »

  • Digital Asset Protection Law in Vancouver

    Digital Asset Protection Lawyers in Vancouver In Vancouver, like almost everywhere on the planet, our lives are now conducted increasingly online. Accordingly, most people have accumulated digital assets in one way or another. These may be large or small, from ecommerce stores to Bitcoin holdings, a … Read more »

  • Contesting a Will in Vancouver with Vest Estate Lawyers

    Understanding Will Contests in British Columbia Contesting or disputing a will in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a complex process that requires reasonable grounds and legal standing. If you believe you have a valid reason to challenge a will, it’s essential to seek the assistance of experienced es … Read more »

  • Vancouver Charitable Giving and Law

    Charitable Giving Lawyers in Vancouver Many residents of Vancouver are interested in leaving a meaningful and lasting legacy to their communities or society as a whole after they pass away. One effective way to achieve this goal is through charitable giving of assets: making a donation to a charitab … Read more »

  • Advance Care Planning Lawyers in Vancouver

    What is advance care planning? With people generally living longer around Canada, more families in Vancouver are enquiring about advanced care planning. The starting place is usually arranging a power of attorney and a personal directive. As opposed to a will, probate, trust planning, etc., which ad … Read more »