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  • Will Planning Law in Edmonton

    Will Planning Lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta Will lawyers help you write a legally enforceable document that ensures your last wishes are executed, your assets are passed on to the intended beneficiaries, and the needs of dependents are looked after. There are different ways of doing this and many thi … Read more »

  • Testamentary Trust Law in Edmonton

    Testamentary Trust Lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta Most people in Edmonton expect to write a will at some point in their lives. However, many are not aware of the various tools at their disposal for transferring assets when creating a will. A testamentary trust can be an important aspect of your will, … Read more »

  • Business Succession Planning in Edmonton

    Business Succession Planning Lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta It is no secret to most business owners that succession planning should be a priority – but some leave their planning too late. The health of a business affects many people in the Edmonton community – from owners and their families to employe … Read more »

  • Retirement Planning for Edmonton Business Owners

    Do you spend so much time working on your business that you have neglected your retirement planning? Making sure you have enough for retirement does not happen automatically – even if you do have a successful business. You need to plan for it like other individuals. For business owners, some of the … Read more »

  • Personal Directive Law in Edmonton

    Personal Directive Lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta Although Alberta does not recognize “living wills” or “advanced medical directives”, we have similar documents called “personal directives”. A personal directive is an important element of most people’s estate plans, allowing you to detail your wishes  … Read more »