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  • Court of Appeal Examines Significantly Unfair Claims in the Context of Dividing Family Property

    Dividing family property after a divorce or separation can be contentious. Emotions may be running high, and financial stability is important when embarking on a new life. Under British Columbia law, spouses are entitled to an equal division of family property and debt, although the property may be … Read more »

  • Can Personal Injury Victims be Forced to Attend Medical Exams?

    Being injured in an accident can cause massive upheaval for the injured person and their family. Sometimes it is necessary to seek compensation from the person that caused the accident to attempt to restore the quality of living experienced before the accident. An essential part of a personal injury … Read more »

  • Can Force Majeure or Frustration Get You Out of a Contract?

    Sometimes an event takes place which makes it impossible to comply with one’s obligations under a contract or makes the fulfillment of performance different from that which was previously undertaken. Failure by one party to comply with their obligations under the contract can quickly lead to a dispu … Read more »

  • Could You be Prevented From Changing Your Will?

    Usually, will-makers have free rein over how they dispose of their property in a will. However, there are some exceptions. For example, a deceased’s spouse or child can challenge a valid will under the Wills, Estates and Succession Act, in which case they could ask the court to vary the will if they … Read more »

  • Do I have a Right of Way Across my Neighbour’s Property?

    An easement is a type of property right which gives a landowner the right to use a neighbour’s property for a particular purpose, such as accessing their property. Easements are a potential source of a real estate dispute as they benefit one piece of land at the expense of the land containing the ea … Read more »