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  • Good Faith: the story of Harish Bhasin, Larry Hrynew and the Canadian American Financial Corp.

    In 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada recognised good faith as a general organising principle of the common law of contract and that there is a common law duty of honesty when it comes to carrying out contracts. In short, when it comes to contracts, all parties must act in good faith and honestly. On … Read more »

  • Norbert Fred Rondel and Honour

    There was an outburst of violence. Manning was severely injured. His hand was so damaged that it had to have nine stitches. And he lost the lobe of his right ear. The plaintiff [Rondel] admits that he did it, but he says that he was attacked by Manning. He was looking for prostitution and acted in s … Read more »

  • Claims: Adventures in the Gold Trade. Adventures in the Courts.

    “Claims: Adventures in the Gold Trade” is a wonderful book written by Ken Lefolii (1929-2022) in 1987 (while the trial was under appeal). The book does a deep dive into the pursuit of gold that turned into a Court case that found its way to the Supreme Court of Canada in 1989 in Lac Minerals v. Inte … Read more »

  • David Boies on Litigation Principles and Cross-Examination Goals

    David Boies is a U.S. attorney that has been involved in high-profile litigation and trials. This article will briefly discuss some strategies he implements in litigation and cross-examination based on his memoir “Courting Justice” and biography “v. Goliath”. Both books contain a number of war stori … Read more »

  • How to End a Lawyer-Client Relationship (without harming your case)

    This article discusses the right way to end a lawyer-client relationship and avoid harming a case in the process. Nothing in this article is intended to encourage disagreements between lawyers and clients. To the contrary, the article seeks to help with a smooth transition at the end of a lawyer-cli … Read more »