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Information About Trauma and Lawyers’ Mental Health

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  • Trauma Resources (A Very Incomplete List–A Place to Start)

    I’ve been meaning to put something like this together since the beginning but have always hesitated because I fear my list not being comprehensive or authoritative enough. I worry it may miss something others may find helpful, or may include something someone finds unhelpful or even harmful.We’re al … Read more »

  • "Self-Love" Musings, Why It's Not My Goal

    “We must love ourselves, or else….””No one will love us?””We can’t truly love others?”Speaking for myself, I reject those rules about what love is or must be.Self-love may be problematic for some of us. In particular, shame/self-loathing can be a core symptom of Complex PTSD, as I explored here.We … Read more »

  • "Us v. Them"

     I originally spoke up about trauma and mental health in the legal profession because I noted a dangerous trend in my profession and others of constantly assuming that members of those professional spaces aren’t like the people “out there” who can be traumatized and experience mental health conseque … Read more »

  • "Hierarchy of Suffering"

    This is a tricky one, so bear with me. These are just my initial thoughts on a complex sensitive issue. I stand to be corrected if I’m missing some nuance here (and to correct myself if I later have additional thoughts).A common saying these days is “There is no hierarchy of suffering.” I agree with … Read more »

  • The Asymmetry of Shame

    Shame is a major symptom of complex PTSD.  For me it’s the biggest.Do I love myself? Do I have confidence in myself? Am I at peace with myself? Do I feel secure in my connections to others and in my self-relationship? Do I not care what others think of me? Do I not feel ashamed of the many ways in w … Read more »