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  • The Asymmetry of Shame

    Shame is a major symptom of complex PTSD.  For me it’s the biggest.Do I love myself? Do I have confidence in myself? Am I at peace with myself? Do I feel secure in my connections to others and in my self-relationship? Do I not care what others think of me? Do I not feel ashamed of the many ways in w … Read more »

  • Introducing Resilience Overdose Syndrome

    I’ve written a lot about how I feel psychiatry fails many people with complex trauma. Although I’ve written very critically (in this post) about one sentence of Judith Herman’s “Trauma and Recovery,” her book remains essential reading when it comes to complex trauma and proposed a new diagnosis of C … Read more »

  • "Healing" Space (from Psychiatry)

    Imagine a version of science that in conquering a subject matter and reducing it to a set of simple equations and “truths” inherently harms, if not destroys, it.That’s my personal experience of what currently seems to be mainstream psychiatry: as someone who has  has lived in (justifiable and ration … Read more »

  • The Harms of "Only" "Always" & "Never" (The Single Sentence of "Trauma & Recovery" That Hurt Me for 20+ Years)

    I love Judith Herman’s book “Trauma and Recovery” more than any book I’ve ever read.It saved me in so many ways.And yet it wounded me deeply in a way that’s still with me 20+ years later.I’ve written a lot (eg, here) about the need to try to avoid unnecessarily using grand sweeping statements about … Read more »

  • Attitudes About Gratitude

     It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada. I’m too sick (with a physical ailment that hopefully will pass soon) to celebrate my usual way (LOTS of food), so I’m just left with all the uncomfortable Thanksgiving feelings.Thanksgiving is one of my least favourite holidays. Aside from the other problems with i … Read more »