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  • Welcome back, Tortspod!

    We are back! It’s the first torts podcast of the 2021/2022 academic year! Regular host but also special guest Professor Ryan Gauthier visits TRU, on a quick break from his adventures in Oregon, and we chat about teach … Read more »

  • Episode 5: Cybertort In this episode, we interview special guest Professor Jon Festinger, QC. See his impressive bio here and here. Topics include the new tort of internet harassment, recently recognized by the Ontario Superior Court of Jus … Read more »

  • “We’re Doing What We’re Doing for the Client” – interview with Rosemary Anderson and Sandy Kovacs

    This is a very special edition of the podcast. In December, we interviewed Rosemary Anderson and Sandy Kovacs.  Rosemary was the plaintiff in an important recent tort case against a priest who sexually abused her in the 1970s.  She also sued the diocese – the abusive priest’s employer – for negligen … Read more »

  • Episode 3: Watch Out for Those Hot Dogs! It’s our first torts podcast interview! Have you ever wondered what “jactitation of marriage” is?  (How carefully did you read that syllabus?) Have you ever wondered what legal recourse you might have if you get shot wi … Read more »

  • Episode 2: The Woman Who Found a Snail Welcome to the still nameless torts podcast. In which we talk about snails, tort-connected pool boy sex scandals, tort-connected marriages, what law school success really means, just how sensitive and crazy Mrs. Mill … Read more »