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  • Employer Satisfies High Threshold of ‘With Cause’ Termination

    Employment terminations can involve complex issues and circumstances. They require a delicate balance between employer rights and employee protection. When it comes to ‘just cause’ dismissals, an employer may terminate an employee’s employment contract due to a valid reason that is generally related … Read more »

  • Employee’s Failure to Mitigate Can Result in Reduced Notice Period

    Employment termination is a complex journey for both employers and employees alike. In this dynamic interplay between departing employees and their former employers, understanding the principles of mitigation becomes paramount. Mitigation, in the context of employment termination, refers to an emplo … Read more »

  • The High Cost of an Employer’s Bad Faith Towards Departing Employee

    An employee’s departure marks a significant juncture in an employment relation, often accompanied by a mix of emotions, uncertainties, and legal considerations for both parties. As custodians of both professional relationships and corporate reputation, employers bear a crucial responsibility during … Read more »

  • What Employers Should Know About Constructive Dismissals

    The term “constructive dismissal” has become a cornerstone in discussions surrounding employee rights and employer responsibilities across Ontario. Regardless of which side of the employment relationship you are on, it is important to understand the nuances of constructive dismissal, particularly so … Read more »

  • Human Rights Claim Barred by Signed Release

    When a person is terminated from their position of employment, it can be an extremely daunting experience, even – or perhaps especially – when the termination arises as a consequence of circumstance rather than fault (a “without cause” termination). Given the many emotions that may accompany being f … Read more »