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  • Aeroplan Points and Estate Planning

    In an era where jet-setting has become synonymous with modern living, the accumulation of air travel points has emerged as a game-changer, extending its influence far beyond the realm of travel. Beyond the allure of complimentary flights, the acquisition of air travel points has woven itself into th … Read more »

  • Booking Travel Using Bereavement Air Fare

    Did you know that many airlines offer bereavement fares for travel necessitated by the death or imminent death of a family member?  A bereavement fare is a discounted type of airfare intended for last-minute travel under two specific circumstances – when an individual’s death is imminent, or immedia … Read more »

  • Perpetuities Act – Not just about the Rule Against Perpetuities

    You would be forgiven if you have never read the provisions of the Perpetuities Act from beginning to end. The Rule Against Perpetuities is one of those concepts which strikes fear into many a legal practitioner, with flashbacks to first year law school and archaic language and concepts from a time … Read more »

  • Section 3 Counsel and Costs

    Section 3 of the Substitute Decisions Act (SDA) sets out that if there is a proceeding under the SDA where the person’s capacity is in issue, but they do not have legal representation, the court may direct that the Public Guardian and Trustee arrange for legal representation for the person. Section … Read more »

  • Domestic Agreements and Dependant’s Relief

    Should an estate have an obligation to support a dependant in circumstances where the dependant had entered into an agreement which, on its face, released the estate from any such obligations? Section 62(1)(m) of the Succession Law Reform Act (“SLRA“) states: “In determining the amount and duration, … Read more »