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  • “America has a death problem.”

    The title of today’s blog comes from the opening line of Derek Thompson’s article, Why Americans Die So Much, published in The Atlantic. In the article, Thompson observes that U.S. life spans over the past 30 years are falling behind those of other similarly wealthy countries. The author looks at a … Read more »

  • Congratulations Britney!

      Our blog has been following Britney Spears’ conservatorship proceeding closely in the recent months.  So far, the #FreeBritney movement has seen significant progress through the appointment of a new lawyer for Britney, and very recently through Jamie Spears’ petition to end the conservatorship.  E … Read more »

  • Should you have co-executors for your will?

    The executor of an estate takes on many roles. For instance, they may be called on to handle funeral and burial arrangements. They may also submit the will to probate, requiring them to complete and file a number of forms with the court to prove that the will is valid and that they are the lawful ex … Read more »

  • The “Appropriate Means” factor under section 5 of the Limitations Act, 2002

    The Court of Appeal in Dass v. Kay, 2021 ONCA 565, was recently asked to reconsider the dismissal of a claim that was found to be statute barred pursuant to the Limitations Act, 2002.  The appellant in this case is the principal of two corporations, and the respondent was the principal of a mortgage … Read more »

  • The lasting cognitive impact on 9/11’s Ground Zero first responders

    The twentieth anniversary of 9/11 took place this past weekend.  It was a day of reflection, heavy with the sentiment that we must “never forget” what transpired.  There were endless stories on the heroism of first responders in Ground Zero but the story that gave me the most pause was this Washingt … Read more »