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    Download the Solicitor’s Tip for the month of January 2023. The post IMPORTANT CHANGES TO SERVICE UNDER RULE 74 appeared first on Hull and Hull LLP. … Read more »

  • Medical Records and Summary Judgment: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

    In the case of De Smedt v. Cheshire et al., 2023 ONSC 249, one of the issues before the Court (Justice Gilmore on the Toronto Estates List) on a motion for summary judgment was whether to accept medical records tendered as an attachment to a lawyer’s affidavit. The medical records were highly releva … Read more »

  • Money Management for Minor Beneficiaries: RESPs

    It is not uncommon for a testator to leave a gift to a beneficiary who may still be a minor when the testator dies. Usually in this scenario, the testator has specified that any gifts to minors be held in trust until the beneficiary reaches a certain age (often the age of 18). Absent any specific pr … Read more »

  • #658 – Handwritten Alternations and Holograph Wills

    This week on Hull on Estates, Stuart Clark and Aanchal Bajaj discuss the role of handwritten wills, handwritten amendments and holographic wills. The post #658 – Handwritten Alternations and Holograph Wills appeared first on Hull and Hull LLP. … Read more »

  • Artificial Intelligence and Access to Justice

    Artificial Intelligence is not a new phenomenon, but it is rarely spoken in the same sentence as legal services or the law more generally.  A recent article published in Reuters raises questions about how Artificial Intelligence has the potential to take aim at the legal system, seeking to make its … Read more »