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  • Can I get severance pay if I quit your job?

    How does quitting your job impact entitlements to employment insurance (EI) and severance pay? During the “Great Resignation”, employees became more mobile than ever. Workers are more willing to change employers and there is less of a premium placed on loyalty. Rare are the employees who will work f … Read more »

  • Deciphering Just Cause: Insights from a Landmark Case

    What constitutes “just cause” in employment law? Just cause is widely known as the “capital punishment” of employment law, and it shows from the high threshold required to prove it. The British Columbia Court of Appeal continues to demonstrate that in Café La Foret Ltd v Cho, 2023 BCCA 354. The Head … Read more »

  • Lynx Airlines Ceases Operations

    Why is Lynx Airlines Ceasing Operations? Lynx Airlines, a Calgary-based airline that commenced operations less than two years ago, announced today its decision to cease operations effective Monday. This decision comes as the company faces significant challenges, including escalating operating costs, … Read more »

  • CPA Canada layoffs Staff to Save Money Amidst Profession Dispute

    Why Did CPA Canada Layoffs Staff? In a significant move aimed at trimming expenses, the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) recently laid off 20% of its workforce. This decision comes in response to the organization’s ongoing struggle with budget deficits, having faced two in t … Read more »

  • Defamation Alert: Ontario Court Awards $4.7 Million Judgment Against Internet Troll

    What was the recent decision by the Ontario Superior Court regarding online defamation? In a recent decision by the Ontario Superior Court (Clancy v Farid, 2023 ONSC 2750), the Court underscores the seriousness of online defamation by awarding a staggering $4.7 million judgment against an internet t … Read more »