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  • Why Age Matters in Wrongful Dismissal

    Employees across Canada are generally entitled to financial protection if they have been dismissed from their employment on a without-cause basis. Upon termination, employees are entitled to reasonable notice (or pay in lieu of notice), which provides dismissed employees with sufficient time (or res … Read more »

  • Employer Obligations & Considerations on Election Day 2021

    A federal election is taking place on September 20, 2021, and, as such, Canadians will be headed to the polls to elect their members to Parliament, and subsequently, elect the Prime Minister of Canada. An Employer’s Obligations to Enable Employees to Vote in an Election This is a unique election in … Read more »

  • Ontario Directive on Vaccine Policies in Health Care Settings

    The Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health recently issued Directive #6 COVID-19 Vaccine Policy in Health Care Settings (the “Directive”) regarding the implementation of a mandatory vaccine policies for employees, staff, contractors, volunteers and students in certain health care settings. The Dire … Read more »

  • Drug And Alcohol Testing In The Workplace

    While employers have a positive obligation to create a safe workplace for employees, addressing this concern through the implementation of drug and alcohol testing policies can raise significant human rights issues. Specifically, drug and alcohol testing is not always permissible, and being subject … Read more »

  • Sharaf Sultan Included in the 2022 Edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada™

        Sultan Lawyers is proud to announce that our firm’s founder, Sharaf Sultan, was included in the 16th edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada. Sharaf has been dedicated to the practice of employment and workplace immigration law since he was called to the Bar. Sharaf advises employers and employees … Read more »