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  • The Impact of a Brain Injury on Personal Injury Claims

    Brain injuries are, unfortunately, all too common. Every day, approximately 456 Canadians suffer a traumatic brain injury—or one person every three minutes. While brain injuries can occur in a variety of situations, they often arise following personal injury, such as a car accident or slip and fall. … Read more »

  • A Guide to Judgment Enforcement in Ontario

    While a win in court is worth celebrating, it’s not always the end of the road for claimants. Sometimes, getting a judgment against another party leads to questions surrounding judgment enforcement. For example, what happens if you obtain a judgment against another party that they cannot pay?  In On … Read more »

  • Proposed Changes for First-Time Home Buyer Mortgages in Ontario

    Canada’s Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, recently announced that the government will propose changes to first-time home buyer mortgages in the upcoming federal budget. If passed, first-time home buyers will be allowed to pay off their mortgages over a 30-year term, instead of the standard 25-ye … Read more »

  • Self-Driving Car Liability in Ontario

    For many, advancements in self-driving car technology have opened up exciting possibilities surrounding the future of driving (like the prospect of simplifying your morning commute!). At the same time, however, these advancements raise questions about self-driving car liability. For example, who is … Read more »

  • Directors’ Liability for Environmental Issues

    Directors of corporations should be familiar with their obligations to the corporation and its shareholders. However, they may need to become more familiar with their external obligations, such as director liability for environmental issues. In Ontario, environmental protection is a key consideratio … Read more »