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  • How to Close a Business in Ontario

    While business owners work hard to maintain their businesses, at some point, they may decide that it’s time to move on. Whether they’re closing their business for personal reasons, shifting markets, or unforeseen circumstances, knowing how to close a business in Ontario will help make the transition … Read more »

  • Liability Waivers and Personal Injury Claims

    Many Ontarians look forward to participating in various recreational activities throughout the year. Participating in new or familiar activities, from trampoline parks to skydiving to snowboarding, is always exciting. However, legal considerations can easily be overlooked. In many cases, the potenti … Read more »

  • What Rights Do Commercial Tenants Have?

    If you operate (or are thinking about operating) a business in Ontario, you’ll likely need to rent commercial space to support your business operations. However, commercial tenancies differ from residential tenancies, leaving many prospective tenants wondering: do commercial tenants have rights?  Be … Read more »

  • Court Declines to Strike Bystander’s Claim for Damages After Witnessing Fatal Car Accident

    While the spotlight often falls on the individuals directly affected by an incident in a personal injury claim, an equally significant aspect of this legal terrain involves bystander claims. In certain circumstances, rights and remedies are available to those who witness traumatic events and suffer … Read more »

  • What is an Executor of a Will?

    Estate planning is a crucial consideration for all Canadians. After all, it’s the best way to ensure that your wishes are followed in the event of your passing.  In order to make the best estate planning decisions for your situation, you need to understand how the estate administration process works … Read more »