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  • Rules For Winning the War For Talent While Improving Profitability

    ♫ Together together Were winning together Forever and ever You’ll be remembered For every little thing you do for me…♫ My latest  – and lead article: “Winning the War for Talent While Improving Profitability” just released in American Bar Association’s Law Practice Magazine. Co-written with my frien … Read more »

  • AI and Law Practice

    ♫ They’ll never take my pride They’ll never take my strength They’ll never take my faith They’ll never take my trust They’ll never take my hope But I’m ready to go For the love that’s there for the takin’ (for the takin’) ♫ — Lyrics custom generated by AI using “lawyers and change.” Artificial Intel … Read more »

  • The War for Talent

    Web Vectors by Vecteezy ♫ People say they wouldn’t change a thing, even if they could. Oh, but I would Oh…oh, I, I’d done a lot of things different… ♫ — Music and lyrics by D. Dillon, B. Anderson, recorded by Kenny Chesney. There is a war going on and not just the one in Ukraine. COVID, law […] The … Read more »

  • Getting Serious about Cybersecurity

    The fact is that while large law firms can throw considerable resources at cybersecurity, hackers are also throwing large resources back at them seeking valuable confidential information for resale on the black market. After all, information is money. Smaller law firms are also targeted on the basis … Read more »

  • Family Law: Does the Status Quo need Fixing?

    (Image by Mohamed Hassan – Pixabay) ♫ Now it’s time for change I feel the the future In the hands of our youth… ♫ — Music and Lyrics by D. McDaniel & N. Sixx, recorded by Mötley Crüe Does family law need deep structural changes in how it resolves disputes? John-Paul Boyd, QC, an accredited family [… … Read more »