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  • Prince estate allegedly owes IRS millions

    Prince’s estate involved in a dispute with the IRS A recent online story found here outlines the latest developments with respect to Prince’s estate. Prince died on April 21, 2016 at the age of 57 without a will. It was later determined that he died of a drug overdose. He left an estate that was wor … Read more »

  • Oz family involved in an estate dispute

    Dr. Oz is involved in litigation with his sister with respect to their late father’s properties in New York According to a recent online story found here celebrity doctor Mehment Oz also known as Dr. Oz is involved in a dispute with his sister, Nazlim, stemming from their father, Mustafa Oz’s Februa … Read more »

  • Sherman Estate matter before the Supreme Court

    Sherman Estate fight to seal wills and inheritance information I recently read a story online on the latest developments involving the estates of Barry and Honey Sherman. The Toronto billionaires were found dead at their Toronto mansion on December 15, 2017. Barry Sherman founded the largest Canadia … Read more »

  • Litigants Must Comply with Court Ordered Timelines During COVID-19

    I recently read the decision in Lima v. Ventura (Estate of), 2020 ONSC 3278, a case heard by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in writing on May 27, 2020. The decision of the Honourable Justice Emery affirms previously established principles with respect to compliance with Court Orders, and furt … Read more »

  • Reid v. Reid 2020 NSCA 32

    Nova Scotia Court of Appeal provides detailed unjust enrichment analysis I recently read the decision in Reid v. Reid, 2020 NSCA 32, a case heard by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal on January 22, 2020. This is an appeal from a lower Court decision involving unjust enrichment, an eviction, and an awa … Read more »