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  • Monkeys and Typewriters: the Anniversary Edition

    When I started this blog, I had grander ambitions of more frequent posts, posts organized in some coherent fashion based on a theme, and of course, significantly more insightful analyses. And fame; naturally, I sought fame and the riches it brings. I have not found fame (or riches). But as someone b … Read more »

  • Everything in Moderation

    In the 26th July, 1917, at about 5.30 in the morning, several members of a fishing club, including the plaintiff, left London in motor-cars to go to Kettle Point, in the township of Bosanquet, on the shore of Lake Huron. The car in which the plaintiff rode— a 7-passenger Chalmers, with a wheel base … Read more »

  • On a Personal Note: My Hero

    In March 1977 I was entering the final stretch of Grade 5 at Centennial School in Woodstock, New Brunswick. My folks did a work and house exchange with a New Brunswick family for a year. The Allens moved into our house in Alberta, and we moved into theirs in August 1976. We traded cats and second ca … Read more »

  • “We Even Wash the Bedding”: The Summer Vacation Edition

    Originally published as a page, republished. It’s been a beautiful weekend of weather. Nat King Cole’s “Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer” came on the radio, cheekily rhyming “weenies” with “bikinis.” Just fill your basket full of sandwiches and weeniesThen lock the house up, now you’re setAnd on … Read more »

  • On a Personal Note: Making Puzzles with My Dad

    Making a jigsaw puzzle—a Christmas gift from Santa—was an annual event. I recall, maybe adjusting my memory to suit, that the gift was often addressed to “Dad and Barbara” or maybe “Darby Family.” The puzzles grew in size and complexity over the years, up to thousands of pieces. Regardless of the na … Read more »